Custom shop releases 60’s Mosrite Fuzzrite recreation!

Chris Mahoney, head of the Keeley Custom Shop, has finished a dead on copy of the Mosrite FUZZrite! We have sold out of about half of them so contact for pictures and more. They are $279.00 each and ship with a free T-shirt and Power Supply(9 VDC supply for use in US only). These have the original transistors, super high capacitors and vintage style carbon comp resistors. There is a Boost Mode that has been add, and was really makes this monster fuzz piece! The only other thing added to the design is an LED, Keeley blue of course!

Fuzzrite Keeley and Mosrite

Fuzzrite Keeley and Mosrite

Keeley Mosrite Fuzzrite Fender deluxe strat

Keeley Mosrite Fuzzrite Fender deluxe strat

Keeley Mosrite Clone with Original FUZZrite

Pair of Keeley FUZZ with original Mosrite FUZZrite

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13 Responses to “Custom shop releases 60’s Mosrite Fuzzrite recreation!”

  1. You have needed a new sharp website for a long long time Robert – to match the state of the art tone machines you & the House of Blue Lights have been whipping out for years – great job!!!

    I’ll be contacting you folks to get one of these custom shop Mossrite Fuzzes! Ooo-Rah! Sexy looking pedal!

    Happy Sunday little Brother! Miss you!

    • Howdy Rev!
      I am SO VERY HAPPY with the new site! It is rockin’! Sales and communications are both up and beyond my best hopes. The shop is humming too! The folks I have on board are fantastic and are building the best electronics ever. They blow me away! Anytime you want one of the Mosrite Fuzzrite clones, please let me know, I will save one back for you. There are only a few left, maybe less than 20! They went fast.
      The House of Blue Lights is beaming BLUE LIGHT YA’LL !!!!!!

  2. It truly is hard to find educated people with this matter, but you sound like you know what you are writing on! Many thanks

    • Howdy sir!
      Thanks for the very kind words! I did learn some new things with this recreation, but again I have to defer credit to Chris on this one. He had the excitement and enegry as well as a machinist that did the cases for us. I will be posting some internal pictures of the pedal and others like the Keeley Compressor soon. Keep an eye out!
      Thanks again!
      Internal Picture of the Keeley (Mosrite) Fuzzrite clone

  3. are these gonna be a production item? think i might want one soon.!

    • They weren’t something I was going to do as a regular production item. The cases are very cool and I think I’d rather build one of my own designs in there. There are less than 20 available if I’m not mistaken. You can always email us and we could hold one for a couple weeks if you’d like. Contact for the Fuzzrite production schedule and billing.
      I’d put something cool like a reverb in there or maybe a MkII type of fuzz. That stainless steel is really nice looking.

  4. Received my fuzzrite pedal and it is awesome! hard to believe how many sounds come out of this just by using your volume control. It will replace 4 other units! Its so musical!

  5. Received my FUZZRITE pedal. totally awesome! Hard to believe how many tones r in this box! I dont think it will ever come off my board.It makes half the other fuzzes I own sound like toys. It will replace 3 or 4 of them.Hats off to Chris. By the way,, i thought i read u made 40 of these,, mine doesnt have a number, it just says 3/2/12

    • Howdy sir!
      I am so glad that you are enjoying the tones! It is a really fun pedal and can be used to push amps into some really fat tones. I am not sure why a number didn’t make it to your unit. Yes, there are only 40 of them. The number could be on the inside of the bottom plate. If not send me an email (I check those more often) and I will get that taken care of to your satisfaction. Thanks again for the super kind words about the sound and the building that Chris did. I’m so glad that Mr. Mahoney brought that project to fruition.
      Take care Craig,

  6. I know you only made a few of these, but I can’t believe nobody has posted a demo video for this fuzz yet. Not even a user clip on YouTube. I’d love to hear it A/B’d with the Mosrite to see just how close it is.


  8. Where i can found this pedal? i founded one on rogue guitar shop but i dont found any demo. pls help me !

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