Killer New Arlon Prince Custom Finishes Now Available

Howdy Folks! Keeley Electronics is proud to introduce a limited run of cases custom painted by Arlon Prince.  Arlon Prince ( has been hand painting some of the most unique pedal cases in the business for many years and his newest styles must be seen to be believed. Each one is completely unique and has it’s own combinations of details and tones. Right now they will be available for Luna Overdrives, 4 Knob Compressors, and Katanas.  The cost for these will be $30 over the standard price, and they can be purchased on our website at the following links – OVERDRIVECOMPRESSORKATANA

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2 Responses to “Killer New Arlon Prince Custom Finishes Now Available”

  1. This finish is really neat and different, not pricey, but what’s even better is the classic compressor that sounds just like it should, never imitated, though tried, it is a country comp that turns your guitar into a lush ,fat collage of tone!!

    • Howdy Jim! Thanks so much for the great review of the Arlo Compressor! I will check out as well.
      Craighton Hale was the builder on that unit. I hope you look for some of his new work on the Internet.
      Take care,
      Robert Keeley

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