Breathing new life in to old classics….

We recently received a pedal for repair that really knocked us out. The pedal was sent in as a repair for a woman, as a gift for her husband, who said it hadn’t been used in many years. Upon receiving it we noticed it was an original TS808, a real thing of beauty, dating to 1980. This thing was beaten, very beautifully beaten, but still had plenty of life left in it. We treated it to a bit of a makeover, giving it a new switch, new back and battery plate, some new wiring and some new hardware. Seeing a great piece of gear like this brought back to life is really “where it’s at” for gear nerds such as ourselves. If you have one of our products that has fallen on hard times, or another pedal that you think we could give a new lease on life, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Pedals like this 808 just go to show you, with a little love, a well made piece of gear can last a lifetime!

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  1. hello , ive got a reissue 808 and i want a bit more attack and overdrive from it ,, i like the sound ,
    can you help ,,
    thanks dave edwards

    • YES SIR! That is exactly what our Mod Plus modification has done for years. It opens up the range of drive possible so that you can get more drive/attack as well as allows you to get a cleaner drive when turned down. The bass response is greatly improved and the pedal sounds much fuller. The tone control is set up in a way that gives you a fuller sound as well. The TS9/808 will always have a softer sound to it and less attack than say a BD-2 or DS-1. It is just a bit more compressed!
      Thanks for asking!

  2. Neat little blurb. Thanks guys!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks. Just got the pedal back. The p/s problem is fixed and the basic mod kit must’ve been put in also, cuz it sounds reallllly good. You have the “touch” on these 808 style pedals. One of your compressor pedals will complete the board.

  4. Rick /Hayward,Ca. August 7, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Hey Robert,
    Ive got a new scrpit logo phase 90/orange.
    I would like to EQ it with a treble knob or mini dial for higher amount of treble.
    Also,I wish I could pause the modulation at any givin peak or valley like a wah,
    set to one position.with a PCB is that possible?
    As you know this pedal is limited,but the pro`s just love it?????????
    EVH,Paul Gilbert,Peter thorn,Zack Wylde???????????

  5. I have an original TS808 that I purchased back in the early 80’s that I assumed got pitched because it quit working. My brother told me he still has it. I just hope it can be fixed. PS it is almost in new condition because it wasn’t used much. At the time I had a Twin Reverb (back in the 80s too) that took the paint off the walls when I plug the 808 in and dimed the amp. At the time I had no idea what I owned. Sold the Twin Reverb for $50 bucks and a Gorilla practice Amp. Ok so you can let me have it now! Hey at least I still have the 808!

  6. Hi..I have an original Ibanez FL-9 Flanger that is battered.. The case is cracked and the bottom plate is missing. It’s defo a maxon one as i’ve had a look at the circuit boards. Lesson learnt..Never lend out your pedals.
    What can be done with such a work of art to bring it back to life??

  7. Have you modded the newer Ibanez ts808hw handwired reissues?

    • Send us an email by way of the website, or call and ask for Chris. We have just worked a brand new modification for those and it has mode switching (a lead boost)!

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