"Vintage" Time Machine Boost Pedals Now Available !!

A Keeley classic is getting a makeover. The original, smaller, version of our acclaimed Time Machine Boost pedal has been getting a lot of interest on the used market and it really caught our attention. After a little work, we have reissued the Time Machine Boost in the original case giving it a smaller footprint and a new glossy blue paint job. This change required a new wiring scheme, so we put one of our finest builders on the job. The wiring on these pedals are a real work of art!! Each one is 100% built by hand by a single builder, start to finish. We are pretty sure that it is really one of the finest built pedals on the market. The redesigned Time Machine Boost can be purchased on our website here.


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4 Responses to “"Vintage" Time Machine Boost Pedals Now Available !!”

  1. Really like the new (old?) aesthetic, but why no “Warp Drive” mode on the modern side anymore? I love having that at my disposal on my TMB.

  2. Just happened to be checking out the site for the first time in a while and saw these TMBs return – Very cool! And makes perfect sense to go back to the original smaller size to save on pedalboard real estate. Hope all the Keeley family is doing great!

    • Hey BROTHER DAVID!!!! Wow so great to hear from you. I am doing great, Julian is as well. Can’t wait to talk to you sometime. I’ll send you an email. All kinds of neat stuff going on at the shop these days~~~~!!!!!!!! Whoo Hooo!

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