Cleaning House at the Keeley Custom Shop, Super Limited Pedals for sale

Well we’re cleaning off the shelves here at Keeley Electronics and we have a handful of extremely rare “test batch” pedals that can be sold. Most of these pedals were custom plated by Advanced Plating of Nashville, TN and we had ordered one of everything so we could get a feel for what all they offered. The result is some EXTREMELY limited finish options (seriously, we only ordered 2 of each in every plating option). We also have 1 C4 Compressor and 1 Katana Boost left in our limited series of “Gold Top” pedals left that we’re willing to sell separately. In the photo below, starting with the top row, going left to right, we have 1 chrome plated compressor ($249), 1 gold plated C4 compressor ($299), 1 gold top Katana ($219), 1 gold top C4 Compressor ($299). Row 2, left to right, 1 hand rubbed bronze Compressor ($249), black chrome with chrome racing stripes C4 Compressor (there are some minor flaws in the striping on this one, but it still looks great) ($279), black chrome C4 Compressor ($279), and an aged nickel Compressor ($249).  There are literally only 1 of each of these so if you are interested call the shop to order them (1-866-846-7539).


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  1. Killer pedals from the House of Blue Lights! Love you guys! Keep on rockin that red dirt my Oklahoma brethern! Ooo-Rah!

  2. want Keeley OD pedal katana

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