NEW Red Dirt Overdrive Gets a 21st Century Fan!!

Well, it’s time to add a new member to our family here at Keeley. The Red Dirt overdrive is a Keeley take on a classic tone. It’s the result of over 10 years of Robert’s fine tuning. All of the work that has gone in to our already wildly popular Mod Plus and Baked mods is here as well as a FET input stage that makes this overdrive breakup in a whole new, genuinely “tube like” style that will have your leads singing and your rhythm playing sounding more dynamic and expressive than ever. These things combined with true bypass switching, trademark Keeley blue LED, 100% hand made in the USA quality, and one of the best warranties currently available make for a great value at a price of only $199.

“The difference between “Red Dirt” and so many of the other overdrive pedals out there is the special feeling it generates when you play”.

Greg Lake (of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer)

You can order your Red Dirt Overdrive HEREĀ 

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6 Responses to “NEW Red Dirt Overdrive Gets a 21st Century Fan!!”

  1. I can’t wait to get this pedal. I just pre-ordered mine today. The only down side is that I might have to retire my all time favorite OD……….my Keeley TS-9 mod plus. This will be my 11th Keeley pedal and one day I will have them all (if my wife lets me).

  2. I was going to purchase either the modded TS9DX or the modded TS9. Is the Red Dirt the same? If so I will have to get me one!!!

  3. I love this thing. I wish I had known about the first 100 numbered & signed but it was too late. I have an early model Boss BD-2 that has 2 signatures in it, one being the Guru himself & someone else’s, probably the tech. The mini toggle even has a yellow plastic tip on it. When I saw the Red Dirt video, i knew I need to get one!

  4. I love it. I am using it on my Mesa Lonestar and it just sounds awesome. I’m very happy with it.. money well spent.

  5. Must have been umder a rock re: the Red Dirt pedal. Must have one.


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