Keeley Neutrino – Our Latest Effect Pedal!

Here at Keeley, we’ve got a soft spot for Envelope Filters. Whether it’s the tripped out mind-bending leads of Jerry Garcia, the almost vocal quality of Stevie Wonder’s Clavi, or the hard cutting funk of Sly Stone, a classic envelope filter sound brings a smile to our faces every time. So, it’s no surprise to all of us that Robert Keeley has been cooking up one of his own. Welcome the Neutrino! This little pedal NAILS IT! A genuine opto-coupler based envelope filter in an almost unbelievably small package. Each unit hand tuned by Robert himself.  After all, if you’re gonna auto-wah, it’s gotta sound close to the heart!  All of the classic features are there, including a side-mounted Up/Down Direction switch. This limited introductory batch of 80 units will be offered with limited edition graphics and hand signed by Robert.  This is a custom run, so it will take up to 4-6 weeks until all 80 of the pedals will be shipped out, but we hope it is worth the wait.  We’re absolutely smitten with this thing, and it’s honestly been a challenge to leave it alone long enough to get any work done!


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Keeley Neutrino - Envelope Filter - Auto Wah

Keeley Neutrino – Envelope Filter – Auto Wah


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9 Responses to “Keeley Neutrino – Our Latest Effect Pedal!”

  1. do you have sound files for the neutrino?

  2. Does it work well with bass guitar too?

  3. M. Steinmuller April 15, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    How close does it come to the old Mutron 111?

  4. I spent the last several days comparing this pedal to a musictronics mutron111 and a high end clone. If you own a mutron you should buy this pedal. It runs on 9v and it takes up little realestate. Why risk getting your mutron damaged or stolen?
    I was able to get Jerry tones like no other envelope other than the mutron.

    Good job Robert! An affordable pedal a deadhead will love!

  5. Howdy sir!
    Please feel free to email or call me anytime! Anything I can do to make the products better! 405-341-2025 fxAT rkfx DOTcom

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