Keeley Modded Pedals Again!

Keeley Modded Pedals

Keeley Modded Pedals are back again!

Keeley and Mammoth Electronics have teamed up to bring you the original Keeley Modded Pedals for BOSS and Ibanez back again!

Last October we stopped doing mods so that I could focus on bringing out all of the new designs I had. There was literally DAILY requests for me to do the mods.  So over the past year I decided to bring them back but it had to be with a special group of experienced people.  I have teamed up with my very first employees to start modifying pedals again!  These are the exact guys that helped develop and mod the first pedals.

Jacob Adams and Isaac Nelson literally have done thousands of mods side by side with me. James NeSmith is also an original Keeley employee and he is part of the team that will be making these all new modified pedals.  With nearly tens years experience in doing the mods with me at Keeley, no group could better do these tone improvements better.

These pedals will feature a new modification plate with the Keeley and Mammoth Electronics on the name plate.

Jacob and I decided to bring back the original Keeley Modded Pedals including the TS9, TS9 DX, TS808, BD-2, DS-1, SD-1, and MT-2.

Check out the picture below featured below by Roland/Boss of the Keeley Mod Squad!


Keeley Mods at Mammoth

Starting October 26th you will be able to get newly modified pedals through Mammoth Electronics.

They will be the exclusive distributor for Keeley/Mammoth modded pedals.


Keeley Modded Pedals

Keeley Modified Pedals

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