Keeley and MannCorp for Circuit Board Manufacturing

Keeley and MannCorp for Circuit Board Manufacturing

Effect Pedal Circuit Board Manufacturing

For the past few years I have been bringing things back in house.  It has culminated with a complete circuit board assembly line from MannCorp.  This will allow us to assemble all of our designs, especially the surface mount designs, in house.  For years we have grown by building through-hole designs in house and doing surface mount designs out of state in Missouri.  I felt we could shave months off design-to-production times by actually controlling the machines used to produce our final design.  In the world of guitar effects, products have to last 20-40 years without fail!  These are products that are literally jumped and stomped on!  Keeley is a leader in quality and service, I need machines that produce extremely durable products.  I considered buying slightly older PCBA equipment and putting together a cheaper used system, but the service provided by every level of MannCorp proved that my decision to go with their turn-key system, was simply the best idea.  In a just a couple months I had a system installed and my guys had expert training from their technician.  Today we are making circuit boards for our flagship product to be released in a few months!  I couldn’t be happier.

Read the full article here on the MannCorp site and see what I got! 😉

For my team, effect pedal circuit board manufacturing in-house will allow me to not only be very competitive with my peers in the stompbox world, but it allows me to beat prices for overseas made boards!  I like making things.  MannCorp machinery is what I needed to complete my dream of making complex designs completely in-house.  We can now offer complete turn-key solutions to other designers.

Robert Keeley


Keeley MannCorp PCBA

Robert Keeley Electronics gets entire suite of MannCorp PCBA equipment in new shop.

See full article here.

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