Caverns Delay Reverb – Bohemian Bunnie Custom Shop Edition


Custom Shop Limited Run of 40

Begins shipping the week of 08/17/2020

650ms Delay with Modulation

Spring and Shimmer Reverb

Trails or True Bypass

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The New Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb V2 – Bohemian Bunnie Custom Shop Special Edition

Note: Due to the current COVID situation, we may need a little extra time to fill and ship orders. Please be patient! The Caverns Boho Bunnie pedals will begin shipping the week of 08/17/2020.

The Caverns Delay Reverb V2 dual-effect pedal combines delay and reverb for the perfect end to any pedal board. It features Keeley’s analog-style tape delay with modulation options.  The 650ms of warm delay combine with Spring, Shimmer or Modulated Reverb. Caverns now comes with a True-Bypass or Trails option.  Because of its small and compact design, the New Caverns is a perfect fit for any fly-rig or small board where you have tight space requirements.  The New V2 features Keeley’s most popular time-based effects, blended perfectly via a design fine-tuned for over 2 years.  Simply put, it will be an amazing addition to any board.


Video by Angela Izzo. Audio by Teddy Jack.

The Reverb

The Reverb side of the pedal features 3 cavernous sounds:

  • Spring Mode – Blackface Amp style spring reverb with F Style Tremolo
  • Modulation Mode – Choral modulation to the reverb for a huge, cavernous space
  • Shimmer Mode – Reverb with emphasis on octave-up voices in the reverb trails


The Delay

The Delay side of the pedal incorporates Keeley’s popular Magnetic Echo circuit, which is designed to emulate analog tape delay lines.  Three way switchable modulation gives you options for adding Wow and Flutter to the repeats.  Perfectly voiced echoes sit well in the mix, either clean or with distortion.

The New Caverns Delay Reverb V2 builds on the old Caverns pedal by giving players a more open and logical control layout with more space between the foot switches.

Top-Mounted Jacks allow for a compact pedalboard layout.

True-Bypass or Trails option gives you the freedom to create huge caverns of sounds and lets them ring out even after you turn the pedal off.  Our buffers are engineered to retain your tone and to feed your amplifier a full-strength signal.

The New Caverns Delay Reverb V2 is entirely built in the US.  Keeley’s veteran crew builds the most reliable and road-worthy gear.


The Art and Artist

We partnered with Andrea Whitt of Bohemian Bunnie to create the art for this special run of Caverns pedals. The art is featured on the front of the pedal as well as the back, and is limited to a small run of 40, each hand numbered at the Keeley Headquarters. Once these are gone, they will be gone forever!



Andrea Whitt with the Keeley Caverns Bohemian Bunnie Custom Shop Edition.


Andrea Whitt is an international touring and recording artist. She performs on viola, fiddle and pedal steel guitar alongside Italian artist Zucchero, performs with ‘Acid Americana’ duo Katie & Andrea, toured with Shania Twain, recorded on Grammy award winning albums and has performed and recorded with dozens of other musicians including Kendrick Lamar, Deep Purple, Kamasi Washington, Stevie Wonder, Harry Connick Jr. and Phil Lesh.

Bohemian Bunnie was created from her passion for art, style and music. Painting since the age of two, and hoarding clothes since before she can remember, Bohemian Bunnie celebrates the intertwining of all of the arts. With Andrea’s international touring schedule, Bohemian Bunnie has become a creative journey overseas, and has been acclaimed in media and publications such as E! News, Brit + Co, and Marie Claire Taiwan.

Learn more about Andrea at her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

All photos by Angela Izzo.


Each Boho Bunnie Caverns will be hand numbered, and limited to 40. Andrea’s art is featured on the front and back of the pedal.


The Demos


The Instructions

Use 2 TRS Breakout cables for effects patching or to use the Caverns with a pro switching system.

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