keeley electronics 16 years and 90 pedals later

Keeley Electronics 16 years and 90 pedals later

I look around me and I’m pretty amazed at the people I have around me.  I’ve said before that I’m not a good engineer, I am however, a decent team builder.  I like putting ideas and people together. I like watching people grow.  I actually like people struggling a bit, and I like yelling at people to go figure it out dammit!

If you look at the Effects Database – Keeley Listing you’ll see with today’s Germanium Super Phat Mod, I’ve hit 90 effects pedals.  I’m pretty depressed, my memory had it at only about 40…of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. 😉

Team Keeley has produced 90 effects pedals!  Hot Dog!  Literally, we got a hot dog roller after my visit to Riff City in Minneapolis, MN.  Happy Employees are the way to go.  Nothing like a meat stick to make people happy.

And there is a small legion of employees that have graced me over the hexadecimal “10h” number of years that I’ve managed to stay in business.  I tried my hardest to squander it in the past. I’ve tried a lot harder to rescue it and build it in the past 5 years.  But my efforts pale compared to the collective efforts of the people that work here now.  This amazing group of people give me their all for 36 hours a week. LOL!

Oh, excuse me, I just got a text from Larry LaLonde pointing me to a new Primus song on that has the BubbleTron on it!

Speaking of scheme, there was a scheme, a plan.  I wanted to make a place were people could grow and make lives for themselves.  Nothing better than seeing new cars in the parking lot or people getting their first home.  I wanted a place where we made useful tools to help musicians make magic. I wanted to have the best tone available at my feet.  I wanted to be the guy that brought a few new ideas to the world. There, I have won, in my own nanocosm. 😉

It’s hard to be serious when you have Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver playing in the background.  Say, did you know that the atomic number for Sulfur is 16?

Okay, so here is the Alpha…

generation one keeley compressor

Here’s some of the in between LMNOP…

keeley electronics 16 years and 90 pedals later

Keeley Effect Pedals

and here is the most recent Omega…

My team of work friends and family has hand made 100 of these little boxes that go on sale in an hour.  I hope you enjoy.

Robert Keeley



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