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Oxblood, The Voice of Rock n Roll

Quad Mode – Adjustable Bass + Gain

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Keeley Oxblood Overdrive

The New Voice of Rock and Roll

When inspiration hits, you need the voice to proclaim it.  When you need that voice, count on the Keeley Oxblood Overdrive to be your beast of burden.

The Keeley Oxblood Overdrive is our response to everyone cloning the “Mythical Beast” pedal. We decided to build an original design. We wanted to build a new circuit that lets players blend from perfectly clean to amp-crushing roar.  We wanted that impossibly huge and focused midrange that makes any guitar–Strat, Paul, Tele–sound incredible.  We knew we could do it our way and offer you more tone.  So we designed this pedal over the course of a few days to outdo the old pedal.  I am confident we not only drew blood, we crafted a #killer.

Clean, Distortion, Fuzz — It’s All There

With the Oxblood Overdrive you roll off the Drive Control and get a perfectly clean sound; you can dial in any amount of distortion and volume to stomp an amp into pure tonal Nirvana.  The Keeley Oxblood Overdrive offers you two ways to clip and saturate your signal with overtones by selecting carefully chosen diodes. These are different than the standard Oxblood.  These diodes were chosen to give you bigger, more open amp tones without a lot of compression.

The key to the ultimate overdrive, in our opinion, is the ability to control five different parameters.

  • Bass response.  The Phat Switch cuts bass response to give you that classic Screamer or that mythic, K-like midrange shelving.  The bass response, when cut, is saturated with a hint of 2nd order harmonics.  Punchy and full yet not overbearing, it cuts like a buffalo. What can I say?
  • Clipping.  Sometimes there just ain’t enough gain in the world.  Well, not so with this beast. The Clipping Switch gives you the ability to sing with near infinite sustain or just stand on your amp like a chief.
  • Tone Control.  You need to be able to dial in the highs perfectly or nothing else matters, right?  The highs are what make it ear candy or ice picks.  Heck, we give you the range to do whatever the heck you want to do. And that’s a two-heck sentence.
  • Volume.  You have to be able to put the pedal to the metal whenever you darn well chose.  Voltage doubling in our circuit gives you just that.  Headroom for days.  Slay an amp, leave it a bloody mess.  No, you won’t blow tubes, but you will have them at the right temperature to make them glow with delight.
  • Drive.  What? You want me to describe Drive?  Shoot, from “Is it ON?” cleans to searing sustain and saturation.  It pushes you.  Compels you to play.  Non-stop playing….
  • Midrange.  Wait.  Didn’t I say 5?  Well, the 6th sign of a wonderful overdrive pedal is what’s under the hood.  It’s masterful creation of sultry mids.  The kind of mids singers or cellos are known for.  Throaty and powerful.  Not just a woman tone, but a manly roar.  Not congested and stuffed up.  Focused and brilliant.


The Keeley Oxblood Overdrive was designed by Robert Keeley and Craighton Hale with a lot of help and insight from Jack Orman.  Jack Orman has been a pioneer in the modern world of effects for 20 years.  His thoughts and ideas are incorporated by nearly every boutique builder out there.  Here is your chance to hear a brand new creation designed to outperform any of the clones.

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All Keeley pedals include a one year parts and labor warranty!

For all repairs you must complete the Repair Ticket Form below before you return a pedal for repair. We only repair pedals that have been made or modded by us, or pedals that are going to receive our mod while they are getting repaired.

There may be repair fees for pedals that will be receiving mods or pedals that have malfunctioned from user error like plugging in wrong power supply, running over it with a truck, etc… Thank you for your cooperation!

Go to our Warranty Page to fill out a Repair Ticket Form.

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Mike, you make it sing bro!

Paul Priest, a minute and 14 seconds of brilliance…

Dillan and Abbey, full demo.

Mike Hermans playing Wilco, The Beatles, and You’re No Good!

Yowza! Lance Keltner makes in ROAR!

Dillan and Abby! Hear the Red Dirt, Katana, and Oxblood!


D. Morris
…the Oxblood is the BEST OD/Boost pedal I have used or heard in my 37 years of playing and as a pro guitar tech. You have taken my tone to a new level!

Teddy K.
Robbie lent me his oxblood to play around with and it was so inspiring I had to get one asap.
I ended up getting one from a store!

Yeah That Oxblood is pretty amazing. It’s very mid-range heavy, very throaty, almost boxy sounding at low volumes by itself but when you crank it up or play it in a mix, its outstanding. I absolutely love it. it kicked my modded RAT and a fuzz off my board. I don’t see much as far as a Klon comparison goes (in a good way). I get what the Klon does and it does it well (i have an Archer that’s back in its box now), but I’d rather have a nice mid-range dirty boost that can go where the Oxblood can go more…way more versatile and has more ummph on tap. It’s like a Klon on steroids..with more dirt range, more bottom end (fat switch) and more punchy mids. That’s the recipe for sticking out in the mix. My Gibson SG Junior into the Oxblood through my Quilter 101 is an amazing tone.

Art B.
I have indeed started to bond with the Oxblood. I can play a rather convincing cover of “Waiting For The Bus” now! It’s really a unique overdrive. It sounds like nothing else I’ve ever played (including the Klon), so it took a little while to find where it fits into my tonal palette.

Keeley Oxblood Overdrive Instructions

Keeley Oxblood Overdrive Instructions

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