XVIII Custom Shop Trio


18th Anniversary Custom Shop Trio

Three of our best effects

XVIII Space Theme

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XVIII Custom Shop Trio

To celebrate our 18th anniversary, we are proud to offer a trio of Keeley Custom Shop pedals that are adorned with custom art by Phillip Ortiz.

For this event we chose the high gain El Rey Dorado, the Delay Workstation, and a brand new Keeley Phaser to be adorned with a custom painting in oil.  The space race theme perfectly describes the fun we have developing and launching pedals into the space known as the guitar world!  😉  Enjoy~!

These final, clearance XVIII Delay Workstation units will begin shipping 02-10-2020




El Rey Dorado – Scorching Plexi Tone!

The El Rey Dorado is your go-to box for that Plexi tone. Yes, there is a wide range of 1960s Plexi Amp Tone in terms of power, which tubes are installed, which speakers and/or cabinet is used, but the El Rey Dorado hits the core tone bullseye! One of the many reference points for the tone was my own JTM 45/100® full stack. (It’s a dead-on reissue Marshall® did with crazy cool custom-made–vintage-recreation speakers and dual transformers to transfer the load of the 4 EL-84s!)

The El Rey covers a lot of classic British amp tones by featuring two gain modes with the Power Toggle. With the Power Toggle switch you have control over the compression and harmonics. Low Power mode is louder, has more girth, and has fewer harmonics for a more old-school tone. The High Power mode has more compression, more harmonics, and a tighter, more defined tone. Old-school crunch in Low Power mode, super lead tones in the High Power mode.


Keeley Phaser – Swirling Sonic Bliss with Three Musical Modes!

Keeley Electronics is 18 years old now. Legally an adult right? What sound fits the coming of a new phase? The sound that fits in my mind is the tone-throbbing swirls of dancing equalizers. Two, four or six stages of phasing give you the most musical sound for orbiting around a tonal center of gravity. The slippery slope of the low frequency oscillator in the phaser gives you that wave like sound to the tonal trajectory. Phasers create peaks and valleys in the spectrum of your guitar’s output. As those little “bands of EQ” wander through your sound, they create filter sweeps that are very appealing to the ear. Little twinkles of light slip into the deep and dark depths of space. You can further control how deep those EQ settings are, by way of the Depth control. Low and Slow is always the way to go, but if you need to go Fast and Deep, we’ll help you power through it. The Rate control gives you all kinds of range over the hertz. Feel free to sit and spin as fast and deep as you need. As for Feedback, we all need a bit of it. Feedback sends some of the output back to an earlier stage near the input. Lush waves of tone fold back  inwards to get recycled for the next turning of a phase. After 18 years of building over 100 different pedals, this phaser is the perfect celebration of tone-crafting. Set for stunning, the tone of the Keeley XVIII Phaser is one you’ll enjoy for many, many years.


Delay Workstation – Near Infinite Delay and Reverb Combinations!

The Keeley Delay Workstation is a powerful, dual DSP processor delay and reverb machine. Combining Keeley’s unique delay and reverb patches in an incredibly small package, the Delay Workstation is an extremely creative tool.

With the Delay Workstation you can combine vintage slapback and multi-head tape echoes with Spring or plate reverbs to create some instantly classic sound spaces. You can set the Delay Workstation for warm sounding analog delays and then use the chamber or hall reverbs to create a huge warm and endless space. Need rhythmic delays with some shimmer? It’s here. Always wanted to have the perfect ducking delay? One that backs out of the way until your done with your notes, then the echoes fill in. “Ducking” is a very intelligent way for clearing the clutter in a sound that would normally be overrun with delays and echoes.  Wanna get twisted? Try the Pitch delay into our Flanged Reverb.

The Reverb side of the Delay Workstation contains all of the most common reverbs and some delays. The Morph control allows users to put creative twists on the reverb patches like spring tension, shimmer, and random flanging. There are two delays included in the reverb bank. You can use these to setup very cool ping-pong delays and many other creative rhythmic patterns.

Two banks of eight legendary effects. Super Fidelity. Super Compact.

The Delay Workstation has on-board tap tempo on the Delay side and external expression control on the Reverb side.

Our XVIII Series features art originally hand-painted by artist Phillip Ortiz.



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El Rey Dorado Overdrive, Keeley Phaser, Delay Workstation

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