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Keeley Mesmer Astral Delay

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Smoke Rings of Harmony

Sticky Icky Arpeggiator

Comes with 3D Glasses

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Product Description

Keeley Mesmer Astral Delay

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Keeley Mesmer Astral Delay for 420. This pedal is for stoners. Dank, smoke ring harmonies. Reality escaping, arpeggiated delays. Pitch and mind bending weirdness.  If you like weird, hypnotic, truly unique harmonies, this is your new go-to bag of magic.






past tense: arpeggiated; past participle: arpeggiated

1. play (a chord) as a series of ascending or descending notes.


This Keeley Mesmer Astral Delay has at least three modes we can rap about.  There are two delay lines that are like bong hits – blow single notes or chords and the room’s lungs expand in 5ths or octaves. Then there is an arpeggiator that sings in smokes rings. It swirls notes into billowing chords from the ember of a single tone.



Ambient Textures




1. selfishly appropriate or keep (something, especially a lit marijuana cigarette).


This pedal does anything but Bogart the Audio Frequency (AF) spectrum.  In fact it’s just plain weird AF!

Plug into a compressor so as not to alert the police, or play through a looper for a completely wrecked experience.   Add another delay or reverb pedal for some real sticky icky! The Mesmer is the pineapple express of effects, you’ll want one when you wanna toke.

For more on stoners.

Play an arpeggiator online!  Please try to come back to this site when you’re done.  Don’t bogart that website!


Mesmer Delay 420 3D White Keeley

Mesmer Delay with 3D Glasses

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