Recursive Delay – Tape Echo Pedal with a Flanging Twist!


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The Keeley Recursive Delay

The Keeley Recursive Delay combines vintage tape delay with recursive time-based filtering effects on the trails.  The Recursive Delay uses time and tone shifted delay lines to create a sound like never before.

Instead of flat-tire sounding, pitch-shifting modulations, discerning ears will love the subtle positive or negative recursive filtering on the delay trails. Travel over peaks and valleys in your guitar tone.  The delayed soundscape becomes filled with time-variant tonal and frequency responses, similar to flanged modulation, but now in three dimensions.

The Recursive Delay uses comb filter modulation that remains very musical instead of simply going out of tune like chorus modulation. From trippy swirls to gentle tone waves, it’s the perfect tape-delay modulation.

Time Based Recursive Filtering

Subtle flanging creates peaks and notches in the frequency response of a signal.  In the past, two reel-to-reel machines would play back identical pieces of music with a slight time delay between them, maybe 20ms or less in time in order to create flanging. When the output was mixed back, it would be added in or out of phase with the original track, creating positive or negative feedback. Negative feedback sounds a bit more hollow or metallic because of the notches, and positive feedback can sound more full and resonant because of the peaks.
With the Keeley Recursive Delay, only the repeats have recursive filtering, not your original guitar signal.  With one repeat you get a simple twist in the tonal characteristics of the repeat.  Add more repeats and you can start to hear the flanging as the signals play on top of each other.

Additional Features and Modes

Mode Control: Quarter, Dotted Eighth, Eighth, Triplet.  Up to 1 second of long delay time.  Like analog delays, self-oscillation is possible on maximum repeats. You can switch OFF modulation for just an analog tape-delay echo. Choose between positive and negative feedback flanging. A Trails/True-Bypass option can be adjusted internally. (It comes from our shop in True-Bypass mode.) Three additional modes inside include standard chorus pitch shifting modulation and two very subtle flanged modulations.  Subtle flanging modes add only one tonal shift to the delay, limiting the amount of flanging that occurs when set for many repeats. In this way the Recursive Delay allows you to use just a touch of this unique modulation effect, keeping your original guitar tone ultra-pure.

Passionate about the Creative Process

Sometimes it’s the melody that’s first.  Sometimes it’s a sound or tone.  Sometimes it’s just something new.  Keeley engineers have created a new playground for you to build castles in.

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