Silver Bullet Fuzz

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Silver Bullet Germanium Fuzz

Limited Edition “Cowgirl” Scheme

NOS Soviet Transistors

Limited to 30 Pieces in this edition

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Keeley Silver Bullet Fuzz


Never before available on our website, the Silver Bullet Fuzz, is our lower priced, but equally impressive sister to the Black Glass series of “Bender” style fuzz pedals. To make this version special we have commissioned all new artwork from Erin Lofties, the same artist that designed our Psi Fuzz and outfitted it with a NOS Soviet Germanium transistor. This “Cowgirl” edition will be limited to just 30 pieces in this run.


At the heart of the Silver Bullet’s remarkable sound is a NOS Soviet Germanium transistor. Robert Keeley reached into his secret stash of Germanium transistors for this one which means it is a very limited run of pedals. Matching with the vintage Germanium is a duo of silicon transistors for a fat, spongy tone reminiscent of the finest Tone Benders. The Silver Bullet’s tone knob functions more like voice control, perfect for matching the pedal’s character to your guitar’s pickups. Unlike a lot of old-school germanium-based fuzzes, the Keeley Silver Bullet operates on standard 9volt, center-negative power, letting you integrate it easily into any pedalboard. It also features rugged true bypass switching, and like all of Keeley’s premium products, the Silver Bullet is made by hand in Oklahoma, USA.


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