Top 5 Keeley Effect Pedals 2018

Top 5 Keeley Effect Pedals 2018

Keeley’s growth continues I’m proud to say.  Today Kristina Tackett, who’s responsible for the final testing and evaluation of every unit made, brought me the serial number list and it had a few surprises in it!

Just days away from 55,000 the Compressor Plus of course tops the list because of it’s history as the Keeley Compressor.  The Compressor Pro just missed getting into the Top 5 by three serial numbers!  What’s surprising is that 3 new generation pedals made it to the Top 5 list!  Really exciting to see such growth with the new units.

Here We Go, Top 5!

1: Compressor Plus

54,908 (8,650*)

02-20-2018 Compressor Plus Hero

2: Katana Clean Boost


Keeley Electronics Katana Clean Boost Effects Pedal

3: Dark Side


Keeley Electronics Dark Side Workstation Effect Pedal


4: 30ms Double Tracker


Keeley Electronics 30ms Double Tracker Effect Pedal5: Monterey


Monterey Front

WoW!  Go Darkside at number 3 already!  The 30ms and Monterey were pleasant surprises!

Honorable Mention go to some new pedals as well. The D&M Drive won Gear of the Year– Guitar Magazine – UK, and Andy’s Top 5 Pedals of 2017 – Reverb Tone Report, and the Caverns is a spectacular original design piece that wins everyone over.

6: Compressor Pro


Keeley Electronics Compressor Pro Effects Pedal
7: D&M Drive


Best Stomp Box Drive Pedal 2017

8: Caverns


Caverns Black Neon

Check out this great review from Harmony Central on the Keeley Caverns V2!

Really, is the Comp Plus that high?!

I realize I need to add one piece of info that will illuminate why the Comp Plus number seems so high.  I did not start over with serial numbers between 2 and 4 knobs, nor the new Comp Plus as it is the same at heart.   The features make it a brand new animal, but at it’s core it is still the same to me.  That’s where the now 54,908 comes from, that’s all Keeley ROSS/Dyna style comps I’ve built…. SOOOooo, What is the actual Compressor Plus numbers only???

Drum Roll Please


Still in first place! And it only came out JULY 5th, 2017!!!! Yeah! WOW!  Thank YOU!

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