Trombonist / Pianist / Composer

“The BubbleTron is totally crazy. The filter setting with a fast rate and medium depth creates a super unique tremolo sound on the trombone that sounds especially great on long sustained notes. The phase setting is nuts. With a slower rate and small depth it totally sounds like I am swimming underwater and combing this with my reverb creates a whole new color, perfect for a lot of the music I have been playing. The flange can be subtle which is really cool, or when cranked it makes my horn sound robotic and futuristic. I feel like the pedal has so many different combinations I could honestly use it in totally new ways for years.
The Mag Echo is super cool. I love the modulation features and the range of the regen knob which I use to create loops. It allows me to create an entire universe of sound with a simple note, especially when combined with the Bubbletron or my other pedals. It is perfect for shows I do with artists like //MAST\\ or my own groups where the goal is to create textures and soundscapes in the moment as much as it is to play melodies and rhythmic phrases. These pedals really allow me to explore new avenues as an improvisor and give me a much wider range of possibilities than when playing acoustically.”

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