Summer Pedal Board Pictures

Keeley Engineering’s –  “Photo Submission”

Bare it all this summer with Keeley Engineering and Summer Pedal Board Pictures!

Show us what ya got and get a chance to win some summer Swag!

Submit the best pics of your Summer Pedal Board Pictures and Keeley collection and we will share it with the world! Only have a couple? Get artistic and show us something crazy! Our staff at Keeley will select the photos we like the best and those chosen will receive an awesome Keeley Schwag Bag! Photos should be submitted to with the subject line “SummerGearHead”. We at Keeley are excited to see the prime real estate on YOUR pedalboards occupied by OUR pedals! The entire team at Keeley wishes you a safe and happy summer! (All photos submitted to Keeley Engineering can and will be used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All submissions will be credited to the original owner.)

Keeley Pedal Board Pictures

Keeley Summer Pedal Pictures – Keeley Pedal Board Pictures

The pedal board above has a Tie-Dye Compressor, several custom art prints by our old UPS driver, and Red Dirt Professional, and 1962 Blues Break style over drive, our thick and creamy Psi Fuzz, the Completely bad-ass DynaTrem, the deep and lucious Caverns, and of course the Keeley GC-2 limiting amplifier/Compressor to keep it all cooled down!

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