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Keeley Echoes Multi Head Tape Delay

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Multi-Head Delays

12 Rhythmic Patterns

2 Wow and Flutter Modes

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Product Description

The Echoes

The Keeley Echoes Multi Head Tape Delay style delay pedal creates syncopated delay lines that provide musical rhythms.  There are two modulation settings to give you varying levels of tape-like wow and flutter.


You asked for it, you got it.  People asked to split the Dark Side pedal into two units.  They wanted the Echoes by itself so they could use the modulation and fuzz at one end of their pedal board and place the Echoes at the other end.  Here you go!

Now the Echoes has two levels of modulation or tape-like wow and flutter.  The Echoes provides up to 950ms of delay time, nearly a full second.  The Echoes is voiced every so slightly darker than the Dark Side to make sure it sounds nice and warm with a variety of fuzz or distortion units in front of it.  The marks on the control for the different delay lines are easier to read and find on the Echoes pedal.

The main idea behind the Echoes is a tape delay unit that had four heads for playing back the repeats.  These produced rhythmic patterns that are very musical.

The easiest way to start creating delay patterns is to set the feedback very low for 1 repeat.  Now you can clearly hear the rhythms you’re creating.  Set the time for the tempo you want the Echoes to produce.  Now as you adjust the the Mode Control through the 12 settings you can hear the different delay patterns.  There is a chart on the back of the manual that gives you a visual layout of the “tape heads” and how the patterns will sound.

You can read more about the Italian made Binson tape echo machines here at Gilmourish.

Phil Taylor made a killer video of some original music and pictures of the Binson factory.

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