Keeley Germanium Amplifier


Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Hand Built by Robert Keeley

Add boost, add gain, add color

Designed to put an edge on your tone

EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE THROUGH THE KEELEY CUSTOM SHOP SITE…you made it here so you might as well get one!

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Going Back to the Basics Never Felt (or Sounded) So Good!

02-22-2018 Germanium Amplifier Front with Board

“Stand Back Earthquaker… I got a big knob too!” – Robert Keeley

A light-hearted joke at a Florida bar and grill, where Robert introduced the all new Keeley Germanium Amplifier to a crowd of life-long friends and fans. This Custom-Shop single-knob preamp was designed and hand built by Robert himself, and is meant to be the very first if not only pedal between your guitar and amp.

Before his 2018 trip to Florida, Robert spent countless hours refining this recipe, improvising with the differently biased, temperamental germanium transistors to make each and every Germanium Amplifier truly one of a kind. Some sound a bit hotter with a little more edge, some sound a bit warmer and smoother. But the tie that binds is that every one of these units sounds simply stunning.

Robert wanted to build every one of the initial units by hand, and then proceeded to work for hours on refining the sound of each individual unit. What happened next was almost magical. Entering a mediative state, going back to the old days of being hunched over a desk, inhaling solder fumes, making decisions and learning things on the fly, and absolutely loving every moment of it! That’s why these pedals bear his signature… they were truly built with the love, experience, and the attention to detail that only Rob himself can provide.

Next came the graphics. We worked with artist Phillip Ortiz to create a timeless design that harkens back to Robert’s humble beginnings, as well as his love for vintage stereo equipment. One big knob (that can easily be controlled by foot) paired with our new logo and famous blue LED creates a slick, simple design that will look good on its own or as part of a meticulously laid out pedalboard.

Try the Keeley Germanium Amplifier first in your rig, before all other pedals.  Place other pedals like tuners, wahs, fuzzes and drivers after it.  This pedal likes to be connected to guitar pickups and is very interactive.  It doesn’t have to be connected that way, but it’s a nice place to start.

Each unit is currently being made with the Tungsram AC125 germanium PNP transistor.  There is a bias control which players can adjust if they want more or less gain available.  Each unit ships with the ability to go from fairly clean to a bit of vintage breakup.  Adjustments can easily be made with the back plate removed.  Power is from a standard 9 volt or isolated power supply like the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II.

For now, the Keeley Germanium Amplifier effect pedals are only available as a hand-built unit by Robert.  Wait time is 4-6 weeks.

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