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Keeley Engineering Presents the Jimi Hazel Echo Phase

July 26th, 2015 - RK: Hey buddy! I wanna make you a custom effect...
July 28th, 2015 - JH: Hit me with your number!!!


Echo Phase

I can do that, I’ll begin at once…

2015-10-13 12.24.46

And so a modern legend was born…

The Jimi Hazel Echo Phase is a inspired piece of music, art and engineering. It’s a product of the modern social world. You can form instant and long term bonds with people around the world. Like we did with Peter Gusmano and the Cure series, this pedal has a part of the proceeds that go to charity, in this case Autism Speaks.

The Jimi Hazel Echo Phase is very powerful dual effect unit that has dedicated processors for each effect. This allowed us to have maximum control over perfecting the sound of each effect. It gave us unparalleled ability to make the sounds as musical and delicious as possible.

Keeley FV-1 Spin

Keeley Engineering – Dual Spin Microprocessors

We took our EP-3 and Fulltone Tube Tape Echo as reference points in creating an echo that is our best simulation. Care went into recreating every nuance of these machines, including distortions, high and low pass filter of both the tape heads and the feedback circuit as well as the output, and natural tape modulations.  Many haven’t played through a good tape echo in a while.  You’ll really dig how this echo becomes more mid-range focused as it repeats.  Just like the originals.  It keeps your echoes nice and distinct.

Our Phaser side took a look at the wonderful sounding Small Stone. The Small Stone phaser is a 4 stage phaser, but wouldn’t it be awesome if it was a 2 or 6 stage as well? So we did just that. We added a Range Control to give you control over the depth of the Phaser like a blend control would do.  Then there’s a Feedback Control to recycle the audio and give it a more dramatic and vowel like effect.

 Art and Engineering Come Together

Jimi and I instantly bonded and I had my team dive into his musical history to try and find the deepest sources of inspiration.  We found a wealth of music that was not only inspiring but it spoke to us.  We were moved to create this tone.  We wanted that sound too!  After working tirelessly for months, Aaron Tacket my DSP engineer, crafted a musical palette that you will be able to paint music from.  It is our finest tape echo simulation.  It is our finest phaser.  The Jimi Hazel Echo Phase is our finest dual effect pedal.

Keeley Reference Material

Keeley Reference Material

Rick Sinnett - Keeley Blotter Art

Rick Sinnett Blotter Art

The Art Work

Rick Sinnett was born in Oklahoma and resides here now making our state very beautiful.  His artwork can stretch for a quarter mile at times.  Please visit his Facebook page and tell him Jimi and Keeley sent ya!

The Cause – Autism Speaks

A $5 donation for each pedal will be made to Autism Speaks thru the end of the year.  So every pedal purchase helps in some way that is very close to many of you as well as Jimi and I.  Thank you in advance!

News Flash!  We will also donate the exact same amount to The Autistic Self Advocacy Network  -> $5 per pedal will also be donated to this organization.


Today we are putting up 70 units for sale.

ONLY THE FIRST 20 Will Ship Tomorrow!  They are Complete and Ready to Go!

If you are after the first 20, Numbers 21-70, then yours will ship in two weeks.  That’s October 27th.  I need that time to finish the circuit boards and the pedal art work on the next 50.

The Waiting List.  THERE IS MORE COMING!

After the first 70 units have been spoken for I will put up a page that allows you to put half down towards your own Jimi Hazel Echo Phase.  Those units will be done November 30th.  When your unit is ready, we will email you and you can pay the remainder and we will ship your unit.


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