Vintage Octave Fuzz II

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Hand Built Fuzz

Stainless Steel Enclosure

Vintage Fuzz and Octave

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Vintage Octave Fuzz II!

This iconic and mighty fuzz shape is instantly recognizable in the fuzz world.  The geometry of the box alone is a thing of beauty.  Made out of incredibly strong and durable Stainless Steel, the Vintage Octave Fuzz II is truly a timeless piece.  Tucked inside is not only a glorious fuzz-tone circuit, there is an octave circuit as well.  You can engage the octave with the side Boost switch.

The Keeley Vintage Octave Fuzz II is limited to only 20 units.  These Keeley NOS cases have been with us since the first batch of Mosrite clones we made 7 years ago.  If you’d like to check out the first batch, Original 2012 Keeley Fuzz Rite.  Now is your chance to have the full range blast of a 50 year old fuzz design, combined with an octave shaping circuit, all in one custom Keeley effect pedal.

Hand made circuits with new red epoxy boards.

Stainless steel – eternal fuzz protection

Analog fuzz and octave

Limited to only 20 numbered and signed units.

Red Hot circuit boards tie together the fuzz and octave circuits.

“Flying Saucer” – vintage style knobs really set this back in time!

It even has the vintage-correct battery plate!  Signed and number by Robert Keeley.  Comes in with fuzzed out custom packaging too!

Keeley Vintage Octave Fuzz II

Wanna read and see some more of the original icon piece?

Keeley’s 2012 Edmond Fuzz –

Our friends at Catalinbread make a FuzzRite that is killer sounding, if you miss out on the Vintage Octave Fuzz II, be sure to check them out! Catalinbread FuzzRite.

Robert Keeley

December 28, 2018


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