War Ensemble Distortion

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Brutally Heavy Distortion

Four Gain Stages

Sustain, Power, Harmonic Depth

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Keeley War Ensemble Metal Distortion

Punishingly heavy distortion with active 2 band Baxendall EQ

Straight For The Gut

I went all-out, melted plates in your tube amp, Hard-Core Distortion.  The distortion in the pedal comes in 4 punishing assaults.  First the clipping stage ensures just the right amount of compression and square wave distortion.  This leads to insane sustain.  I go through our highly evolved active eq where we give you really deep lows in the 200Hz range that just DJENTS really well with guitar and about 1.5K Hz on the treble side.  Sharp, Crisp, Attack!  Your sandman and engineer are going to go crazy with this perfectly tuned sound.  And water and an amp your drowning in MOLTEN METAL.

Three More Rounds!

Yeah Dood, Three more battering rams of distortion.  Here is where more grind occurs.  Each JFET stage is a perfectly tuned, tube amp simulator.  Each stage set up for plate melting saturation.  Each one crafted to give you a tone that usually only tubes can emit.  Want screaming harmonics?  This is it.  Want pummeling rounds of gain that just sit perfectly in your ear?  This is a true grind that sits lusciously in your ear.

Keeley’s History of Metal Pedals Part II

I think my first pedal was a DS-1 or a TS9, not always sure… But the first metal pedal I had that I wanted to sound good was the Metal Charger by Ibanez.  Had lots of knobs and made lots of metal, just not the metal I heard in my head or on records.  The metal I liked was Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and of course Metallica.

This pedal is my first to nail the Metallic sounds I like.  I like Kill ’em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets.   Remember the first time you heard Puppets?  Could you have ever been prepared for the electric guitar sound after the acoustic into to Battery?  Hasn’t everyone tried their hand at the title track?  By the time you got to Damage, Inc. your life had changed.  Mine had too.  There was metal guitar of the highest order.  Flemming Rasmussen producer and engineer did a damn fine job.
Yours truly, thrashing all around…

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