BD-2 Blues Driver Mod


The BD-2 Phat Mod is Transparent Overdrive with Full Range sound. 

Honestly one of the neatest sounds ever put in a stomp box.

*Must send YOUR pedal in to us for modification, options are not for new pedals*

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Product Description

11 Years of Boutique Tone from one of the best overdrive sounds Boss created. The Keeley mod has been used on dozens and dozens of chart topping songs.

KEELEY BD-2 MOD IS A TONE MONSTER! Used by John Mayer, Steely Dan (Jon Herrington!), Brad Paisley and even The Edge of U2!

The BD-2 Phat Mod is Transparent Overdrive with Full Range sound. Honestly one of the neatest sounds ever put in a stomp box.

For tone-purists, this is it! It’s not simply a distortion pedal but rather a tone tool that adds to your guitar tone, supplying really nice lows, crystal clear high frequency, great picking response and detail. For those wanting to set their amp on fire but not change the tone of their system, this is the pedal.

The BD-2 is not the same as a TS9 pedal. It has a more FULL-RANGE sound and is much more TRANSPARENT. When cranked it offers a grittier/more-edgy tone.

Jason Baker (Blues Driver BD-2 and Keeley Compressor)

Then I plugged in the BD-2 and began to experience tonal heaven, everything from warm overdrive to whacked-out fuzz tones. Within about fifteen minutes of playing, my wife threw open the door and asked “what did you do to your amp, that is one of the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard that amp produce!!” That is quite possibly the best complement for me and for your work to have a woman that until that point had referred to most of my amps as either “ugly?or “too loud?refers to the sounds as “sexy”. Since then I’ve found great tones using my fender super and some killer tones on my matchless DC-10 as well. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of your products in the future!!! – Thanks again Josh
I just want to let you know in my quick audition of the pedal I am already completely THRILLED!!!! This is coming from someone that is a purist about plugging straight into a good tube amp and letting that provide all the tone and distortion (and I’ve been that way for a long time!)I have yet to experience as satisfying and perfect an extension of the sound that I’ve finally found with my Les Paul and Bruno UG30 amp until I added your Phat Blues Driver. It provides everything you describe, and it will be hard for me to go back to playing without this pedal! I’m truly delighted and just wanted to pass on a very hearty THANKS! – Rich

ob Britt/Bob Dylan
Greg Jennings/Restless Heart
Dan Lawson
Chris Hicks
Buddy Miller/Emmylou Harris
Jon Herington/Steely Dan
Gordon Kennedy
Brad Paisley
Pearl Jam
John Mayer

Mod Customers

After purchase, please download and complete the Mod Order Form and include it with your pedal. Ship your pedal to the address below:

Keeley Electronics
1733 S Fretz Ave, Suite #C
Edmond, OK 73013

Please note, pedal mods may take 2-3 weeks.

Please contact us with questions or concerns about your order.

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