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Keeley EH Verb o Trem

Nashville guitarist and song-writer, Eddie Heinzelman and Keeley Electronics combined arts and engineering to create a reverb and tremolo combo that would be perfect for any session, any gig, and any pedal board! Reverb and tremolo compliment guitar at its most basic level.  The Keeley EH Verb o Trem is the perfect compliment to any amp.

Designed to allow players to instantly dial in the exact amount of ‘Verb or Tremolo they need.  Players can very easily dial in a vintage spring reverb, fine tune an amp-like tremolo, or any combinations of the two!

Keeley EH Verb o Trem

Maximum Tone

The secret to the EH Verb or Trem is the perfectly tuned spring reverb and the trio of tremolos.

R+T – Reverb and Tremolo.  Vintage tube amp tremolo and reverb.  Pure and Simple.
Mack – Mack Mode is a pitch vibrato from a tube amp and spring reverb.
Harm – Harmonic Tremolo is a another tube based tremolo with phaser-like swirls, and spring reverb.

Maximum Flex

The best part of the EH Verb o Trem is that it is easy to set and forget.  Dial in the perfect blend of reverb and add the tremolo you need.  Both on at the same time for a stunning effect!  What if you need just the reverb for a dry amp at a gig or for a sound board?  You can dial back the Rate and Depth and you’re left with gorgeous spring reverb.  What if you need just tremolo?  Dial back the Reverb and you’re left with a stunning trio of tube amp based tremolos.


What Is the EH Verb o Trem from the Keeley Custom Shop?

Like all Keeley pedals, it’s made in Edmond, OK.  That’s how we keep the price so low and value so high. At $149 it’s hard to beat, especially since it is made in the US, using global materials.  Eddie Heinzelman and Keeley Electronics have worked together for a few years and when he came by our shop for a two day visit, not only did he wow us with his live performances each night he was in town, but we got to develop a pair of masterpiece effects pedals.  These artist models go under our custom shop department that spotlights art work and deign, limited runs or special vintage parts, or models inspired by artist.  Eddie’s work as guitarist and his songwriting inspired us to produce these pedals.  They make the perfect compliment of effects, Reverb and Tremolo.

Keeley artist Eddie Heinzelman

The amazing art work is of a Lotus Flower.  Eddie chose the Lotus because it represents the ‘search’ on your musical path to enlightenment.   The artwork is on a sparkle cream powder coat with deep red ink.  Cream for the pinnacle in achievement and red for passion.  The unit is beautiful in any setting.   Please take the time to visit Eddie’s Kickstarter Page.

We apply powder coating right after the CNC machine work has been completed.  We have four CNC machines in our shop that handle the exacting work of milling the case.  After the high temperature ovens bake the coating to perfection, they get UV LED printed.  Our printers apply the tough and beautiful piece of artwork.  It is virtually impossible to scratch.

Keeley Workstation Made in OklahomaKeeley powder coating stomp boxesKeeley UV LED printing effect pedals

The cases are now ready for the circuit boards.  The heart of the Keeley EH Verb o Trem is our DSP and programming.  Keeley has spent years perfecting sounds that not only dial in the correct feeling vintage tones; we add true inspiration.  What is that piece of magic that the artist wants to hear that puts them in the zone each time?  That’s what has to happen in order for it to be a Keeley Custom Shop model.


After technicians assemble the rest of the board, which is made in the U.S., up in Kansas City, KS, the pedals go on to a second round of testing.  Nothing but the finest.  Advanced design, beautiful pedal art, and built to inspire.  Heck, even the box is made here in OK!  The Keeley EH Verb O Trem will be available through Keeley Dealers who become Custom Shop dealers, or directly from the site.


Enjoy a Keeley Custom Shop Pedal.  Built to Inspire.

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