Reusable & Washable Keeley Face Masks


Keeley Face Mask by Souldier Straps

Made in the USA

Reusable & Washable

Replaceable Poly Filter

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Reusable Keeley Masks by Souldier Straps

Keeley Face Mask by Soldier Strap Co.


Keep yourself (as well as the people around you) safe in a reusable & washable Keeley Electronics face mask, made by Souldier Strap Co.

These 2 ply (non medical)  100% cotton masks come with a replaceable 1/8″ polyester filter, perfect for washing and re-using.

Elastic ties are 7 inches, giving you options to tie around the ears or the back of the head.

Each mask comes bagged with a poly insert and instruction card.

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Keeley Face Mask with Included Instruction Card


Keeley Face Masks - Measurements




Click here for official Souldier replacement filters.


Made lovingly in the USA by Souldier Strap Co. Click here for more info on this amazing company.

Made in the USA by Soldier Strap Co.

Made in the USA by Soldier Strap Co.


Reusable Keeley Masks by Souldier Straps

Assembly Instructions:

Insert filter into mask at side openings in between elastic.

Fold filter in half, top to bottom and slide into opening.

‘Pop open’ when centered in middle of mask.


Washing Instructions:

Fabric Mask:

Remove filter from mask.

Hand wash with warm water.


Remove from mask.

Hand wash with warm water.

Wring filter to dry.


Elastic Ties:

Ties are left long so you can tie around your head or ears.

Around head prevents fatigue for long-term use.



DO NOT IRON – Filter, silkscreen or elastic.

This mask is not meant to replace N95 masks.



Fabric Mask with Elastic Ties

100% Cotton Outer

Knit Cotton Interior

Filter – 1/8″ Polyester Filter

Instruction Card


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