Roto Sonic – Custom Shop ‘Blackout’ Edition


Custom Shop ‘Blackout’ Colorway

Doppler Swirl Maker

Nuanced Rotary Speaker Design

Mechanical Phaser and Vibe Tones

Begins shipping on or before 09-08-2022

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Roto Sonic – For the first time in our ‘Blackout’ colorway

These 2022 Roto Sonic pedals will begin shipping on or before 09-08-2022.

The Roto Sonic Rotary Speaker Simulator offers three distinct modes: Les’, Vibro-S, and UVibe.


The Keeley Roto Sonic features three Dopple-Swirly-Vibey sounds! It’s a three-mode pedal with custom crafted rotary speaker effects. The three modes are Les’ Rotary Speaker, Vibro-S mode, and U-Vibe. Fill the stage with organ tones as rich as a dark lacquer. These Doppler effect tones are based on vintage speaker cabinet designs. So dead on perfect, you’ll swear you can hear the motor Wurrr. Keeley’s DSP has taken these vintage speaker and rotary sounds to a higher level.  The Roto Sonic is amazing in detail and nuance, and not just another chorus of bad sounding phasers.

  • Doppler Effect Swirl Maker
  • Two Brown Cabinets and YuniVibe. It’s Where It’s At!
  • Any flavor as long as it’s chocolate – Rotary, Vibro,  or U-Vibe
  • Rate and Depth, set the organ grinder’s pace and space
  • Blend in the perfect amount of clean tone, so you’re never lost in the mix
  • 9 VDC, 70mA, no battery option
  • True-Bypass
  • Designed and Made in the USA


Add some spin to your signal with the Keeley Custom Shop Roto Sonic.


The Roto Sonic features three of Keeley’s mind spinning sounds that are often heard on recordings, but rarely heard from a guitar player’s live rig. How often has this happened to you? You’re the hot new player in a band, and you still don’t have a rotary speaker cabinet sound?! You show up at the gig and here comes that part Leslie used to play on the organ, and now you need THAT sound!!! You don’t have to go to the Dark Side anymore for Keeley’s shiny diamond; it’s now here as a stand alone.


Demo Video by Amp Top Demos:


Demo Video by PJ and the Beard:


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