Souldier Keeley Leather Coasters


Souldier x Keeley Limited Edition Leather Coasters

Hand made by Souldier in Buchanan, Michigan

Made from the finest quality components

Begins shipping on or before 01-05-2023

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Souldier Keeley Leather Coasters

Custom premium leather coasters hand made in Buchanan, Michigan.

Begins shipping on or before 01-05-2023.


Keep your bar, desk, or amp happy with this four pack of Souldier Keeley genuine leather coasters

Each set comes with a black, grey, tobacco, and brown coaster – Set of 4


Souldier Keeley Leather Coasters

Souldier Keeley leather coaster in brown


Souldier Keeley Genuine Leather Coasters

Black / Grey / Tobacco / Brown


Souldier Keeley Genuine Leather Coasters

Genuine leather with durable, high quality stitching


Souldier Keeley Genuine Leather Coasters are made in the USA from premium materials.

About Souldier

Souldier is an independent design manufacturer, fusing aesthetic textile creation with functionality. Our unique merchandise is inspired by musicians and created for the connoisseur looking to express their inner spirit.

After years of knitting, sewing, crafting, creating, imagining, and inventing, we decided to put the projects to rest and share our hobbies with friends. Our first guitar straps were created as ambitious presents for guitarists in local Chicago band, The Lesser Scene, who performed initial quality control tests. Violin and viola case straps were then customized for chamber group, Quartet Parapluie, who command a crowd at Danny’s bar in Wicker Park on lucky Friday nights. Their enthusiasm and encouragement drove us to take our products to the public. Our first ‘official’ showing at Intonation Fest, 2006 featured our guitar straps with an added line of belts, handbags, messenger bags, and apparel. As our first custom orders rolled in, so did members from the weekends headlining band, The Streets, and their support and praise was enough to realize that people appreciated the selection, beauty, and craftsmanship. Since our first shows, our product line has expanded to include bass guitar straps, banjo straps, camera straps, sax straps, additional apparel items.

At Souldier, all of our products are handmade in the USA. We do not outsource to other agents and pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our product. Our straps and hand cut leather ends carry a lifetime warranty that we are proud to standby. The online store was created with the customer in mind, offering complete customization of any and all products we offer. With an ever increasing product line, we hope you continue to visit the site, and contact us with your designs ideas. Our products are not designed for the masses, but for those are committed to their craft. Support the independent lifestyle.

Learn more about Souldier here.

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