I have dealt with many different FX companies, pedal builders and mod’ers over the 20-some years I’ve been playing guitar and have never experienced the kind of attention and service that you all at Keeley Electronics naturally provide. And I have to say that, by far, you guys rock the most!

Not only have you created some of the best pedals and mods on the market, but you have also developed a great team of genuinely good people that obviously believe in your mission and take pride in making Keeley Electronics #1.

When it comes to customer relations, you all surpass the others and go above and beyond for your customers which makes one feel, almost like part of the team, which in turn makes one want to come back for more. I can attest to that. I also believe in your mission and think you’re all #1!

Craighton displays these attributes and is no doubt a vital and essential member of your team. He has been a pleasure to work with, extremely personable and I look forward to continuing doing business with him. Hats off to Craighton!

You have a great family at Keeley Electronics, Robert. I know you are proud. Thank you so much for existing!




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Dear Robert,

I never liked spinach…or broccoli…or Boss BD-2 Blues Drivers or stock TS9s; I really hated compressors! In 35 years of playing professionally I have been fortunate enough to share the stage with musicians such as Huey Lewis, Vince Gill, Kenny G. (don’t tell anyone!) and the late John Denver. The last number of years I have been the guitarist for a band called “It’s a Beautiful Day”. We had a couple of gold records back in the psychedelic San Francisco era of the late 60s and early 70s along with our friends such as Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, and the ubiquitous Grateful Dead . You might remember a number one hit we had called “White Bird” as well as “Hot Summer’s Day”. We’ve just released a new CD called “Beyond Dreams” available at Tower Records, Amazon.com and our website (shameless plug!). I also have a band here in Santa Cruz, California, called the Road Hogs that covers tunes from bands like AC/DC to Yes. As you can imagine, I’ve got to have a full, flexible arsenal of sounds that span

35+ years of music. I KNOW what a great guitar tone should sound like. I haven’t always been able to achieve it…up until now. Enter your TS-9 mod; smooth fluid gain, incredibly flexible and very vocal without that dreaded loss of low end…yeah! ….and a tone control that really works! I wasn’t sure that that was the pedal I needed, but you encouraged me to try it and if I didn’t like it I could always send it back…don’t hold your breath! I’ve always been a closet Robben Ford/Larry Carlton wannabe. This pedal with a decent guitar and tube amp gets me there in spades. Then I needed something to push the front end of my amp without altering it’s sound yet adding extra sustain.

You suggested your Compressor….

I told you, I don’t like spinach and I don’t like compressors….except for this one. Used with the sustain set rather low and the level rather high I now have the ideal clean boost; and man, is it quiet. Lastly, I needed something for those elusive “amp on the edge of breakup” sounds like an old Princeton or Deluxe being pushed. You suggested the BD-2 mod; my memories of the stock BD-2 brings to mind…well…broccoli….hate it! Not this pedal; it’s a Fullt*ne killer!! Lighten your touch and it’s round, articulate and polite; dig in and you’ve got some blues notes that could use a little haircut and a lesson in manners; I could probably do an entire night’s gig in either band with just this pedal set to about 12 o’clock on Level and Drive and Tone around 10 o’clock. A simple turn of the guitar volume controls the amount of grind. All of your pedals share the one commonality that I never thought I’d say about these little stomp boxes…..they are musical as heck! and quiet….and solid…and have cool LEDs….and thankfully, sound so much better than the originals, while still retaining their overall vibe. I will never use anything else for the ‘nuts and bolts’ of my music. We’re working currently on another new “It’s a Beautiful Day” CD and your pedals will be all over my guitar tracks. I promise you the first copy off the press. Now if you could just do one of your mods to some spinach and broccoli I have in the fridge……Warmest regards,

Rob Espinosa

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