FIRST Red Dirt demo is ONLINE NOW!!

The first Red Dirt overdrive video is now on youtube from our buddies at Prymaxe vintage. This thing sounds SWEEEET and we’re so excited to finally let you all hear one in action!

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9 Responses to “FIRST Red Dirt demo is ONLINE NOW!!”

  1. Yes, sounds awesome!!! I love the lower level breakups. Super smooth!

  2. It sound exactly like I thought and hoped it would. Great Job!

  3. Ordered mine March 7th and I’m having a few other pedals modded. I am really digging the tones from the on-line demo. Looking forward to plugging mine in!!

  4. Wow!! Killer tone!! I want one!! 🙂 Very versatile. Love it!! Well done Keeley. Best pedals!

  5. Yer the man Cole!!!

  6. Great pedal. Pretty organic. Looking forward to hearing more.

  7. Man, I love it Robert. You outdid yourself on this one! No matter what kinda blues ya play, this is the ONE!!! I would have loved to hear Red House from it. Gotta have one ASAP! Keep up the fantastic work.

  8. To those who would like a signed & numbered Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive pedal, I was able to buy two at Vision Guitar on Ebay with numbers under 35, item #290884720246 @ $199 each. Some vendors offer a free patch cable or two. You can get those anytime but these are very limited. Once the signed & numbered ones are gone, they’re gone!

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