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Keeley Electronics 4-in-1 Series Pedals

Current Keeley Lineup

The latest & greatest Keeley inventions

Professionally Engineered Tone

Keeley has more than 20 years of experience inventing, making and modding the most mind-bending and unique effects around. Make your guitar scream, shout, glitch out or echo through eternity. We’re here to help you hunt down the tones that have haunted you. Check out the full lineup below or try them out yourself at a local shop.

Professionally Engineered Tone with Guitar Pedals | Keeley Electronics


Compressor Guitar Pedal Effects | Keeley Electronics

Clarify, compress and polish your tone

Boost & Drive

Boost and Drive Guitar Pedal Effects | Keeley Electronics

Clean or dirty – however you like it

Distortion & Fuzz

Distortion and Fuzz Guitar Pedal Effects | Keeley Electronics

Warm & crunchy to soaring, screaming & scalding


Modulation Guitar Pedal Effects | Keeley Electronics

Saturate your sound with a fuller voice

Delay & Reverb

Delay and Reverb Guitar Pedal Effects | Keeley Electronics

Toss your tone into a cavernous pool of echo

Envelope Filter & Auto

Envelope and Auto-Wah Guitar Pedal Effects | Keeley Electronics

Envelope Filter & Auto Wah

Glitches, synths and wah to funk you sideways

Custom Shop

Custom Shop Guitar Pedal Effects | Keeley Electronics

Custom Shop

Here today, gone … later today. Get ’em fast!

Keeley Electronics Parallax Spatial Generator Delay + Reverb Effect Pedal - Beauty | Keeley Electronics

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Keeley Electronics – Wired Differently

Keeley Electronics began with one man – RK himself – at a kitchen table. Today we’ve been making and modding effects for nearly a quarter-century, feverishly chasing down tones, pushing boards, amps and earballs to their limits. Learn more about our hand-rolled approach to pedals.

The Team at Keeley Electronics

Warranty & Repairs for Keeley Electronics

We stand behind every box we build. When you ship us a pedal for repair, we can typically turn around repairs in a couple days and ship it back.

Nods From the Stars

You can find Keeley effects on the boards of many of the greatest guitarists, producers and other musicians out there.

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas

Singer / Guitarist - The Roots

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson


Ariel Posen

Ariel Posen


Nick Reinhart

Nick Reinhart

Tara Melos

Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson


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We believe in artists. We always have. If you visit our shop, you’ll see what we mean. Everyone here is an artist in their own right.