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Warranty & Repairs for Keeley Electronics

At Keeley Electronics, we stand behind every pedal we’ve ever made or modded. Every new pedal includes a two-year parts and labor warranty, and even beyond that, we’re happy to help get your effects back in working order should anything go wrong. These are stompboxes after all. They get stomped on, beer spilled on them and all kinds of other crazy things. There may be a cost associated with repairs beyond the warranty – or if serious damage was done – but we always keep that cost as low as we can.

Turnaround Time

When you ship us a pedal for repair, we know there’s a lonely spot on your board, so we typically turn around repairs in 24-36 hours, and get it shipped back to you within a week or two.

Out of Warranty/Repair Costs

USA – $35.95
International – $59.95


We do NOT repair pedals that were not manufactured or originally modified by Keeley Electronics.

Just fill out the repair ticket below to get started.

Questions? Send the repair department an email.

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