Film Score Composer

Ben Lovett

Film Score Composer

“I start every film score by hunting for unique sounds. When I discovered the Loomer and Bubble Tron it was like a lightning bolt of inspiration. The color and flexibility of the Keeley pedals have really brought the guitar back into my scoring arsenal.”

BEN LOVETT is an American performer, film composer, songwriter, and album producer whose work seems to cross every genre while remaining distinctly modern and untraditional. Lovett has been the recipient of multiple awards and worldwide recognition for numerous collaborative musical and visual projects.

BEN LOVETT debuted at Sundance in 2007 as composer for THE SIGNAL (Magnolia Pictures) — an Independent Spirit Award nominee and enduring cult favorite. In the decade that’s followed Lovett has created original scores for a wide range of unique Films including THE RITUAL (NetFlix); BLACK ROCK (Lion’s Gate); Gotham-Award nominee SUN DON’T SHINE (Factory 25) from director Amy Seimetz; and the sci-Fi noir SYNCHRONICITY (Magnolia Pictures) which earned Ben a nomination at the prestigious 2016 World Soundtrack Awards.

Ben recently completed original scores for, AMERICAN FOLK (Good Deed), NIGHT SKY (Pop Films), and TOMMY — an ESPN “30 for 30” documentary on the late American boxing champion Tommy Morrison.

Lovett’s scoring career began on LAST GOODBYE, an indie drama starring Faye Dunaway and David Carradine that debuted to praise at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005, before following up his Sundance success with THE LAST LULLABY, a crime drama starring Tom Sizemore that was awarded Best Original Score at the Brooklyn International Film Festival. In the years since, Lovett has been the recipient of numerous awards and worldwide recognition for numerous collaborative projects such as the visual adaptations of his own original songs EYE OF THE STORM and THE FEAR, and his original music to the Films THE RECONSTRUCTION OF WILLIAM ZERO and GHOST OF OLD HIGHWAYS.