Brett Petrusek

Guitarist / Vocalist

Brett is the lead singer / lead guitarist of Minneapolis rock band FuZZrd.  If you crave hard driving grooves, no-f***ing-around guitar riffs and great tunes, these are the brothers-in-arms you’ve been looking for.

“There’s a healthy pile of Keeley pedals on the FuZZrd album “Near Life Experience”
The Fuzz Bender is a go-to for extra gnarly rhythm guitars on many of the tracks. It’s also one of the only FuZZ pedals I’ve come across that’s effective in front of a gained out 100 watt head in a live setting. I use the Synth-1 as a secret weapon of sorts to thicken choruses and bring the low heavy. It’s wicked in this application. The 30ms is brilliant and a staple on overdubs and clean guitars, and of course the ECCOs get some love too.”


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