Forest Fire
Gospel Choir

Nashville, TN

“We’ve got a band full of tone freaks that have been obsessed with pedals for a long time. Whether we’re taming that “straight in the amp” tone with a Compressor pro or crafting something totally unique and personal on any of the Workstations, Keeley has the pedals that help us get there.  All that and quality construction? Sign me up for life.”

“When I first moved to Nashville, I brought my Strat, a small combo tube amp, a tube screamer, and my Keeley Katana Clean Boost. That was all I had for my entire first year here in Music City. I used the Katana as a signal boost to help clear up my tone. This was the pedal that gave me the ability to do the jobs I needed to; it’s all over every track I played on.” – Nick Fields, Guitar

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