A Little Love for Gibson Fans – Limited Edition "Gold Top" Pedals

Well it’s no secret that we have long been associated with the Fender sound. But, our pedals match up beautifully with your Les Paul too. To hi-lite that we are releasing a limited run of 25 pairs of “Gold Top” pedals. They are being sold in pairs only and retail for $499 (for both pedals of course). The pair includes a 4 Knob Compressor and our Katana Clean Boost. These are our star performers and (in our humble opinion) the 2 pedals no board should be without. These pedals feature a gorgeous gold flake “Gold Top” finish, cream lettering, cream faux binding strip, and a genuine natural finish Mahogany back plate. The 4 knob compressor is outfitted with a set of cream knobs and the Katana features a gold colored Gibson speed knob. We’ve sold several of these sets to some of our best dealers which only leaves a handful for direct retail orders. If you would like to purchase a pair of these beautiful limited edition pedals give us a call @ 1-866-8GORKFX and ask to speak with Atlee or Chris. There are very limited numbers of these left so you’d better get them quick!