Breathing new life in to old classics….

We recently received a pedal for repair that really knocked us out. The pedal was sent in as a repair for a woman, as a gift for her husband, who said it hadn’t been used in many years. Upon receiving it we noticed it was an original TS808, a real thing of beauty, dating to 1980. This thing was beaten, very beautifully beaten, but still had plenty of life left in it. We treated it to a bit of a makeover, giving it a new switch, new back and battery plate, some new wiring and some new hardware. Seeing a great piece of gear like this brought back to life is really “where it’s at” for gear nerds such as ourselves. If you have one of our products that has fallen on hard times, or another pedal that you think we could give a new lease on life, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Pedals like this 808 just go to show you, with a little love, a well made piece of gear can last a lifetime!