Keeley Forges Two New Pedals – On Sale Today

Starting at 5pm, two new effects from Keeley Engineering go on sale.

The White Sands, Luxe Drive – Uber Light overdrive.  Need more dirt than a Katana Boost but still want to retain the clarity in bass and treble that Keeley is known for?  This is it.  Need two modes so that you can kick it up a notch when needed?  Get Sandy and start misbehaving!  Drive this to tube amp overdrive saturation whenever you need.

Buy White Sands Here –

The Keeley Sfocato – Fuzz-Wah – A two transistor fuzz with an entire wah pedal dropped into the tone control!  Need Money for Nothing?  Need Zappa at your little footies?  Just want some jarring and nasty whacked out Fuzz and Wah?  This is it.  Not for the faint of heart.  Perfect for neo-vintage rock sounds.  Carve something out for yourself.  Tones instantly available instead of foot tapping around to get that perfect bite.

Buy Sfocato – FuzzWah Here –

On each release, the first 100 will be signed by Robert Keeley.  Sale should start at 5PM Central Time. Videos on YouTube by 5:30.

Intro Price $179 for the first 100 – after that $199 Street Price.  Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.







Yes Videos by sale time as well!!