NEW Keeley Seafoam Chorus Starts Shipping!

Keeley Electronics is proud to announce the new Seafoam Chorus effect pedal. This digital chorus has been designed from the ground up to have the voicing and meticulous attention to detail that you expect from Keeley products. The Seafoam Chorus has a small footprint with a huge range of versatility. It’s perfect for subtle and smooth or splashy and exotic; with the controls – Rate, Depth, Tone, and Blend, it’s simple to find your creative muse with this tone tool. With professionals and studios in mind we have employed several innovations that set this chorus above the rest.  This unique design is powered by the Ericson ES56033 and uses a opto-coupler for a smooth sounding depth control.  A tone control that lets you go from shimmery to smooth warmth.  A Blend control that lets you go from Chorus to Pitch Vibrato!  Count on Keeley Electronics to deliver a chorus that you can drop on your pedal board and hit the stage with.  The first 100 customers will receive a free Seafoam T-shirt and your unit will be hand signed by Robert Keeley.

UPDATE: 12/31/2013 – Cases and boards are coming together for the first 200 Seafoam Chorus pedals and have started shipping! Current orders placed now may take 4 weeks to build as we had a HUGE rush. You can purchase the new Seafoam Chorus RIGHT HERE