Three Weeks Into The New Keeley Factory

The New Keeley Pedal Factory

A Brief History of Keeley Since 2020

In 2019 I bought and sold a property we grew out of before we ever moved in!  As luck would have it I found this amazing space in February of 2020.  It’s in the far north of Oklahoma City, very near the premier entertainment district Chisholm Creek.  Wurzer Construction built what is now a $2.5M guitar effect pedal – super deluxe fabrication facility!  We’ve had a couple days to unpack now and set up shop.  I’m so pleased with the space we can grow into.  Finally, I’ve found the right place for Keeley Electronics to thrive!

I’ve gone from drilling holes into the kitchen table while trying to make my first circuit boards, to a storage shed outside a double-wide trailer. I had a decent shop from 2003-2008 with 28 or so employees that burned down in 2009. And then I went on to a variety of business offices, not designed to support machinery to make pedals.  In 2013 we started building out of a 2,000 sq. ft. industrial site on South Fretz Ave in Edmond.  By 2015 we were completely cramped and a hot mess.  So I started renting the suites around me until we had 6 of them by 2019!  It was cool in one way, in that we could grow the different departments, like CNC metal working, powder coating and finishing, circuit board populating with SMT pick and place machine and ovens, engineers, programmers, final assembly people, media and artist relations people, purchasing, sales, shipping, support, service, (all to make our latest sell-out: pink Katanas 😉  I wanted to not only take root in a new space – I wanted to drive the roots through concrete!  I wanted to find a place we could all thrive!

Well, this new place inspires me every minute I’m in here.  It’s 17,000 square feet of AWESOME people and machines! Just in time for the 20th Anniversary of Keeley Electronics. 😉

Move In Week At Keeley Electronics – 14 NW 132nd St. OKC, OK

New Keeley FactoryRay Gerhart Keeley CNC and ForkliftNew Keeley Factory powder coating booth and ovenNew Keeley Factory SMT pick and place Keeley SMT reflow ovenKeeley SMT partsKeeley SMTcircuit board assembliescircuit board assembliesKeeley UV LED printing and graphicsKeeley final assemblyKeeley arcade in breakroom

This is where we will create all kinds of brand new super-deluxe guitar effects pedals.  🙂