New Beginnings – Keeley’s First New Website In A Decade

Where it all began

Changing websites has never been a frequent occurrence for me. It all started back in 2001 with an AOL Hometown site, and since then, I’ve only transitioned to two other websites. The first one, named “OK Guitar,” served as the platform where I sold the initial Keeley Compressors, Tube Screamer and Blues Driver mods, along with various vintage vacuum tubes. I was in charge of maintaining the website, but it eventually turned into an overcrowded page with an abundance of pictures and PayPal links. Interestingly, the site even had links for my students at the top since I was still teaching at that time. Looking back, it was quite a messy experience. That was my first website.

The subsequent website I had was designed with a flashing, circuit board-like background that exuded an Atari vibe. However, it became quite bothersome after just a few seconds. Despite its flaws, that website played a crucial role in establishing my presence in the young boutique pedal market. With its help, I managed to grow the business, reaching annual sales of a couple million dollars and employing over 30 individuals. Remarkably, it even withstood the fire incident in 2009.

Try, Try again

In 2011, a dear friend from Tulsa developed the third website, which served me remarkably well. It not only survived through three different physical locations but also marked the company’s 20th anniversary. Following the fire in 2009, the number of employees significantly decreased, leaving us with fewer than a dozen hardworking individuals, along with an equal number of soldering irons and a solitary drill press. While circuit boards were still manually assembled, the cases were outsourced for drilling, coating, and printing. However, we eventually decided to bring back all our outsourced processes as part of our growth strategy.

It was during this time that we launched our first digital effects, including delay, reverb, and modulation. As our company expanded, it became evident that the website was showing signs of age. With aspirations of building our own space, the website had to be put on hold for a few years. A decade is an eternity in terms of website appearances and trends, and I was determined to create a new website that not only had a fresh look but also allowed people to truly connect with Keeley Electronics.


Working with Liquid Media was an absolute delight as they crafted a stunning and impactful website for us. In the past, my websites were primarily focused on products and sales. They offered little insight into the behind-the-scenes operations that allowed us to manufacture four thousand pedals a month, design multiple new products each year, and maintain a 22-year legacy of pedals. When the team from Liquid Media visited our sprawling 17,000 square foot pedal-making facility in Oklahoma, they were impressed by the fact that we built everything in-house. However, what truly amazed them was the size of our team.

Based on my old site, they had assumed that only a handful of individuals were involved in the assembly and boxing of pedals. In reality, Keeley Electronics is fortunate to have 33 exceptional individuals working with us. These talented professionals, including skilled CNC operators, SMT circuit-board “Pick & Place” machine operators, service technicians, printers, assemblers, inventory specialists, production managers, computer programmers, and electrical engineers, are the heart and soul of our organization. Their dedication and expertise are invaluable to me, and I am immensely grateful for each and every one of them.

By showcasing the incredible group of people behind our professional audio equipment and highlighting our commitment to building everything we design and engineer, the new website aims to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of Keeley Electronics. It is an exciting step forward in our journey of growth.

New Beginnings - Keeley's First New Website In A Decade

Spring 2023 Keeley Electronics Team