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Robert’s First Fuzz-Drive

Germanium Front End

Tube Amp like Drive

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Product Description

The Legendary Fuzz Head! –  TRANSLUCENT BLUE


November 2017 – GC found a stash of Fuzz Heads and we took them back to offer these hand-built units directly to customers.  (We traded for them for the new Compressor Plus and 30ms that they are now stocking!) Each unit has been reboxed (remember our old blue boxes?!?! Yuk!), tested, voltages aligned if needed, and signed!  These units have been untouched since 2011-2013.  These were built by two of my employees Aaron and Kristina Tackett who still work with me.  These units show an incredible attention to detail as everything was hand built and wired back then.  It’s really nice looking into a design with panel mounted DC jack, open frame Switchcraft Jacks, perfect wiring and a sexy through-hole parts!

This was my first fuzz-drive design. Looking back on it, it’s amazing that the tone and character of it is still so true to my design goals.  I wanted a fuzz type sound, only smoother.  I wanted tube amp breakup and the dynamics associated with it.  So, I took treble booster and modified it for full range, then designed transistor stage for it to overdrive.  I got to keep all the dynamics associated with a germanium booster and I used it to push a amplifier stage that would overdrive and provide some rounded, smooth tones to balance the two.  The Fuzz Head!  Keeley fans that have played every pedal I designed will still point to the Fuzz Head as their absolute favorite.  It just sounds ALIVE!

Each unit is hand signed.  Red ones are from 2011 and are Aaron Tackett built, he’s now my DSP Engineer and Programmer.  Kristina Tackett built the blue ones, she is my Quality Control Manager.  She tests Every Single Unit that leaves my shop, last year she tested well over 26,000 pedals!

18 Red Fuzz Heads – 8 Blue Fuzz Heads.  The Red ones are even hand silk-screened! THIS PAGE IS FOR BLUE!

Here is the copy from the last time we sold some Fuzz Heads back in 2015…

This might be what you’ve been looking for in an overdrive/fuzz box! The blend between the two is simply wonderful! The Fuzz Head is designed to work like Fuzz Face pedals that many players use as a LEAD BOOST. A Fuzz Face can be muddy, lacking note definition, too bassy, and lacking sustain. An overdrive sometimes doesn’t give enough or is too smooth. In contrast, our design is transparent, has a better frequency response, and gives you that cutting edge for lead breaks.

The Fuzz Head Pedal is very transparent and dynamic. It takes the best qualities of the germanium designs and the overdrives. Roll back the volume on your guitar for clean sounds and a variety of tones, textures, and natural fuzz/overdrive!

Here’s one with a clean Keeley Compressor backing track and a Fuzz Head lead track, without the compressor. Both are played on a Les Paul 1958 Reissue with a great big fat neck. (The delay is a DD3, Keeley mod.)

Eric Clapton’s upbeat version of Motherless Children always wakes me up. Great slide work on EC’s track. I thought I’d try my hand at it. Telecaster, D tuned.

Here’s one with a humbucker guitar, Fender amp, and wah (and delay).

Paige Harwell. All Keeley FX.

Paul Priest & Fritz VonValtier–R8 Les Paul & Fuzz!!!

Steely Dan
Jon Herrington
John Richards
Dave Manko
My Main Man
Pearl Jam

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