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D&M Drive – Custom Shop Label Maker Edition

SKU: DM-Drive-Label-Maker-Edition Category: Tag:

Limited, Custom Shop ‘Label Maker’ Edition

High Voltage Boost

Saturated Multistage Gain

Advanced Switching for Pros

Begins Shipping 10-22-2020

That Pedal Show’s D&M Drive – Custom Shop Label Maker Edition

We are proud to offer our most recent collaboration with Dan and Mick from That Pedal Show, the D&M Drive Custom Shop Label Maker Edition! Make your mark with this limited edition two-headed beast of tone!

Due to current COVID-19 protocols, these pedals will begin shipping 10-22-2020. Thank you for your patience!


Photo courtesy of That Pedal Show.



We wanted pared-back styling for this one. Gone are the orange paintwork and D&M graphics, in favor of old-school Dymo vibe. We’ve swapped out the knobs for a Marshall style… but on the inside it’s 100 percent classic D&M Drive.

Each bare metal pedal is finished with clear lacquer and matte-black screen-printed labeling.

There are 20 available from the with this custom paint work.



Award Winning Tone.  It’s simply hard to beat the quality of tone and range of sounds.  It’s an honor to be part of such a hugely successful pedal.


Keeley D&M Drive Editor's Pick Award

Keeley D&M Drive Editor’s Pick Award


Keeley D&M Drive Editor's Pick Award

2017 Winner GPM Editor’s Pick Award


Best Stomp Box Drive Pedal 2017

The Guitar Magazine Gear of the Year 2017


The D&M Drive is the perfect storm of Drive and Boost.  The D&M offers a gorgeous sounding high-voltage Boost side which is designed to impart the perfect tone on any amp that needs to be pushed.  No longer will you wonder what the perfect clean boost should be.  As you roll things up, the drive morphs your tone into singing gold.  A sexy and smoothly saturated midrange voice appears which breathes confidence.  The Drive side offers everything you would want in a powerful gain stage.  From flat honest overdrive that is perfect for any set of chords to searing hot lead work with tons of sustain.  The Drive is the perfect counterpoint to the Boost.  Not only does each side of the pedal provide rewarding guitar tones, they can be used to stack together for an out-of-this-world experience.  The pro switching system developed for the D&M Drive allows you to select which side of the pedal comes first. What’s more, you can configure the pedal to work in a pro switching system like the G2 for independent Boost/Drive use!


Photo courtesy of That Pedal Show.


That Boost

Are you looking for something in between a clean boost, such as the high voltage Keeley Katana, and a germanium modded professional overdrive?  If so, the D&M is the answer. To get things started, the D&M Drive delivers insane amounts of headroom. Then, a distinct midrange voice can be dialed in to give you the lead voicing you dream of.  When dialed in, it can give you the punch and clarity of a horn yet be subtle and smooth in saturation in order to give you a warm overdrive filled with tons of sustain.  Expect it to work well with any amp or rig.

That Drive

Multiple Gain Stages is where it’s at.  This drive delivers. From its lowest settings, where you feel like you’ve discovered the perfect pro sounding overdrive, to the roar of a high-end amp, the multiple gain stage Drive delivers a heavily saturated punch. And the headroom here is no slouch. Use it to find that delicate balance between drive and amp saturation for the core of your tone.  Turn up the Drive to give yourself a dynamic and searing tube-like gain that excels in sustain.  The D&M is designed for quick attack with plenty of high and low end.  Rich harmonic gain and sustain with dynamics is what this side offers.

That Switching

Daniel Steinhardt from TheGigRig insisted that this was a versatile dual-gain box that wasn’t limited in any way with its two simple stomp switches.  You select the order!  A simple toggle allows you to configure the pedal so that when both the Drive and Boost are on, you decide which is first.  If you want to have a smooth and round tone to go into a richly driven amp-like gain stage … or if you want a highly driven tone with edge and harmonics to be then boosted with clarity and refinement, it’s your choice.  Not only that, but Daniel had the engineers incorporate his idea for TRS insert cables so that this pedal would easily integrate into a professional switching system like the G2.  Now pedalboard designers can configure the D&M Drive to act as two independent pedals, switching between either side of the pedal as it were its own stand alone effect.

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