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Halo Core


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  • Andy Timmons signature HALO sound
  • 0 to 1500ms of delay time for ambient creations
  • Dedicated Tap Tempo and newly-redesigned Infinite Hold
  • Trails or True Bypass, switchable on the fly
  • Intuitive Alt Controls for deep tone shaping

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Introducing the limited edition HALO Core by Keeley Electronics, with only 300 units available. This exclusive delay pedal will never be manufactured again. Get yours now!

Note: SOLD OUT! Due to overwhelming demand, most orders will begin shipping Monday, July 1st.



Andy Timmons’ mysterious sounding “Halo” effect is a modulated dual echo sound that has long been kept a secret by the tone wizard himself. Andy spent decades combining and crafting the sounds you can now get from the HALO Core.

Notes from the HALO Core dance rhythmically, almost creating a reverb diffusion. Those notes are held together with tape-style effects like modulation, saturation and compression. The results are stunning.

Discover the latest from Keeley Electronics: the HALO Core, a streamlined version of our top-selling HALO Andy Timmons Dual Echo. The HALO Core delivers Andy’s iconic ‘HALO’ sound and includes a 1/4 Note Mode, offering all the essential features without any unnecessary extras.

Key Features:

  • True Stereo Input and Output: Enjoy immersive sound quality with true stereo capabilities.
  • Switchable Trails or True Bypass: Easily switch between trails or true bypass operation on the fly to suit your playing style.
  • All-Wet or All-Dry Modes: The HALO Core is engineered to work perfectly with straight-into-amp and effects loop setups.
  • Tap Tempo Footswitch: Achieve perfect timing with the new dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch.
  • Redesigned ‘Infinite Hold’ Feature: Experience enhanced sound with our improved Infinite Hold feature.
  • Intuitive Alt Controls: Fine-tune your sound with adjustable High Pass Filter, Delay Tone, and tape-like Saturation controls.

The HALO Core is the ideal grab-and-go, studio-grade delay pedal, offering professional quality in an easy-to-use format. Elevate your music with Keeley Electronics’ HALO Core.


Tone Factory

Use the Saturate control to add tape compression texture to your tone. The Tone and High Pass Filter controls your overall delay shape and mix. Set the Time and Feedback controls low, and you can open up a world of ambient chorus and flanger effects. Run the HALO Core in stereo for incredible true-stereo imaging.

Keeley Electronics HALO Core Effect Pedal

Switch between Andy’s signature ‘HALO’ setting and 1/4 Note mode with the mini toggle.


Keeley Electronics HALO Core Effect Pedal

The HALO Core features True Stereo Input and Output.


Instruction Manual

HALO Core Instruction Manual – Click here.




A Match Made in Heaven

The collaboration of Andy Timmons, “Master Guitar Player & Delay Wizard”, and Robert Keeley, Godfather of boutique stompbox effects, have collaborated to produce a tool allowing players to master their musical craft.


Musings from Andy Timmons:

“The Halo Core has the essential features that I use the most on the regular Halo! Of course, it has my signature Halo dual echo (my “always on” setting) plus an alternate single delay setting which I’ll use for slap-back vintage echo or a single repeat @200ms to fatten up lead tones. Long delays sounds incredible as well! The larger than normal “vintage-vibe” mix knob makes it uber-easy to adjust your echo level on the fly and the stand alone tap tempo makes it easier to come up with groovy rhythmic echo textures. It’s the perfect grab and go echo pedal!”


A song from Robert Keeley:

“Yesterday… My Halo’s Tap Tempo seemed so far away. Now it looks as if HALO Core’s here to stay. I believe you’ll love the intricate modulation sway.”



Check out Andy Timmons’ official Instagram page.

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