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Keeley Compressor C2 Signature

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The pedal that started it all for us. Special Edition run, just in time for the Holidays. Artwork in Robert Keeley’s handwriting. Will ship in time for Christmas.

Signature Edition 2 Knob Compressor Reissue

Just in time for the holidays we are reissuing the Keeley 2 Knob Vintage Compressor. We will be offering 45 of these “Signature Edition” (named for the markings in Robert’s own handwriting on the face) on our website and another 50 through dealers. Our classic 2 knob compressor is one of the pedals that brought on the boutique pedal revolution.  It has been used by nearly every pro guitar player in the business.  It is the industry standard by which other compressors are judged.

The classic squishy sound has been made popular by country guitar players, blues and rock legends and have graced thousands of P&W bands pedal-boards.  The sound is instantly good, instantly classic. For tremendous sustain, it’s the Keeley Compressor.

All of our Compressors are made in the USA. The Keeley Compressor was given the Editor’s Pick Award from Guitar Player’s Magazine and has won many more awards in it’s 14 years in production. It is a true audiophile and studio grade compressor with an exotic rack mount quality in a stomp box form. The sound alone will inspire your creativity.

The Keeley Compressor effect has nothing but tone tested components and true bypass switching and the effect switching incorporates a triple pole-double throw switch! The user will marvel at the clean unaffected sound when in the bypass mode and the compressor has an LED for effect indication. The Keeley Compressor was the first effect pedal to feature a blue LED.

The sound quality of the Keeley comp is unheard of in the stomp-box arena and is only seen in the high-end, very expensive rack-mount or tube equipment.

Standard 9V DC battery and AC adapter connection. Low Current Draw – 5mA.

We continue to offer the 4 Knob Keeley Compressor, with Input Clipping and Attack Controls on the front..