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Keeley Phaser – Daniel Donato Artist Series

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Keeley Phaser – Daniel Donato Artist Series Edition

Our Best Phaser EVER!

2 4 or 6 stage Phasing

Begins shipping on or before 04-19-2022

The Keeley Artist Series – Custom Shop takes of our favorite Keeley pedals!

Each of the Artist Series pedals will feature artwork from their associated artists, as well as an Artist Series bottom print.

A portion of the sales of the Artist Series will go towards the associated artists.

Begins Shipping 04-19-2022



Keeley Phaser – Daniel Donato Artist Series Edition

“Dependability, flexibility, and durability make a great guitar. What makes an amazing pedal? That special sauce that Keeley puts into each of their circuits. The Cosmic Country phaser takes the sound I hear in my mind, and blows it through each speaker it comes in contact with.” – Daniel Donato


Swirling Sonic Bliss with Three Musical Modes!

What sound fits the coming of a new phase? The sound that fits in my mind is the tone-throbbing swirls of dancing equalizers. Two, four or six stages of phasing give you the most musical sound for orbiting around a tonal center of gravity. The slippery slope of the low frequency oscillator in the phaser gives you that wave like sound to the tonal trajectory. Phasers create peaks and valleys in the spectrum of your guitar’s output. As those little “bands of EQ” wander through your sound, they create filter sweeps that are very appealing to the ear. Little twinkles of light slip into the deep and dark depths of space. You can further control how deep those EQ settings are, by way of the Depth control. Low and Slow is always the way to go, but if you need to go Fast and Deep, we’ll help you power through it. The Rate control gives you all kinds of range over the hertz. Feel free to sit and spin as fast and deep as you need. As for Feedback, we all need a bit of it. Feedback sends some of the output back to an earlier stage near the input. Lush waves of tone fold back  inwards to get recycled for the next turning of a phase. After 18 years of building over 100 different pedals, this phaser is the perfect celebration of tone-crafting. Set for stunning, the tone of the Keeley Phaser is one you’ll enjoy for many, many years.







About Daniel Donato:

Daniel Donato’s genre is Cosmic Country, listen to the debut album A Young Man’s Country produced by Robben Ford! A player of the Fender Telecaster, he mends country chicken pickin’ with the elements of Grateful Dead music. He has received praise from his heroes such as Brent Mason, Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and John Mayer. His podcast The Lost Highway is one of the top 200 music podcasts in the USA.



The Daniel Donato “Cosmic Country” Artist Series Keeley Phaser features art by Isabelle Hall.

Demo Video:


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