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Keeley Retro Super Germanium Phat Mod

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Germanium and Drive

Custom Shop Super Phat Mod

Retro Super Design

Keeley Retro Super Germanium Phat Mod

Keeley Electronics Retro Super Overdrive Pedal

THANKS for pointing to the Retro Super is the perfect gift to wow people!

We are making a small run of these that will ship December 19th, 2019! 

Get over-the-top drive from an overdrive and germanium amplifier design.  The Keeley Retro Super reads your fingers and mind to give you supernatural quantities of gain.  The Retro Super is ultra responsive and has maximum dynamic gain. It’s a fuzz, it’s a drive, and it’s a cranked amp all in one!

At the heart of the Keeley Retro Super Germanium Phat Mod is our germanium amplifier stage. Designing this additional gain stage into the front of the “amp tone-stack” did wonders because it amazingly simulated a retro-fuzz pedal connected to a cranked amp.

We didn’t want to let it idle there, so we completely opened up the secondary gain stage so that the dynamics would jump out of your speakers. H.O.T.!  The Retro Super is perfect for thick and thoaty gain tones that are dynamic and add loads of sustain.

Aaron Pierce Original


Mike Hermans Demo



Any Phan of the Phat Mod knows that it performs perfectly in low- AND high-gain applications. Emphasis on the AND.  So why not have two?!  Problem solved: the Retro Super teams up with anything.

What Is the Retro Super from the Keeley Custom Shop?

Like all Keeley pedals, it’s made in Edmond, OK.  Come by and take a tour!  The engineering and design of this pedal is years of evolution in what was the original Keeley blues driver mods.  By manufacturing in house you can perfect techniques and design a better product.  We do it all.  Take a look…

The Caress Of Aluminum

The Retro Super super starts as a blank aluminum canvas.  Our CNC shop handles the exacting work of milling the case.  Our operators handle 4 machines that cut holes for jacks, pots, and switches.

After the high temperature ovens bake the coating to perfection, they get UV LED printed.  Our printers apply a tough and beautiful piece of artwork that is virtually impossible to scratch.

The cases are now ready for the circuit boards.  The heart of the Keeley Retro Super Germanium Phat Mod is, of course, the transistor.  Each germanium transistor is tested for a particular gain range, then installed and measured for proper biasing.  Each one is critically evaluated by ear to ensure there is never excessive noise.

Measure Twice, Build For Life

Final assembly is like a marriage.  It should last forever.  After the technicians build the rest of the circuit board and classy aluminum hardware is applied, the pedals go on to a second round of testing.  A rugged design, inspirational tone, and timeless artwork come together in a Keeley pedal.

Enjoy a Keeley Custom Shop Pedal.  Built to Inspire.

The Retro Super

After years of careful tweaks and blending player’s desires together, the Retro Super arrives.  It’s the subtle blend of amp drive and fuzz tone that inspires playing.  Cranked amplifier tone, pushed by a germanium boost?  Are you salivating yet?  Get one, you’ll be inspired to play.