Vintage Phaser


Our Best Phaser EVER!

2, 4, or 6 stage Phasing

Dazzling Green Sparkle Colorway

Matte White Knobs

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Keeley Vintage Phaser

Swirling Sonic Bliss with Three Musical Modes – Keeley Vintage Phaser – Green Sparkle Custom Shop Edition!

Keeley Electronics Vintage Phaser Custom Shop Effect Pedal

Phaser – the Keeley approach

The perfect phaser sound is one that helps imitate the human voice, kind of like a wah, but a phaser helps you enunciate your words/notes.  Phasers give your guitar tone swagger. The Keeley Vintage Phaser saves you time by giving you the three most common phaser modulations in one pedal. Two, Four and Six stage phasers give you the most musical sound. Phasers create peaks and valleys in the spectrum or timbre of your guitar sound. The oscillator in a phaser makes the tone change rhythmically. The slippery slope of the low frequency oscillator in the Keeley Vintage Phaser gives you that old school, analog, wave-like sound.


Setting up a great tone is simple and quick. Start with all of the controls and noon so you can hear a bit of Rate and Depth to the phaser effect. Set how deep or wild the phasing effect is by adjusting the Depth control. The Rate control sets the speed of the oscillator. The FDBK Control sends some of the signal back to the input thereby creating a pronounced resonating effect. It’s that simple and easy to get a nice vocal-like modulation to your guitar tone.


Keeley Electronics Vintage Phaser Custom Shop Effect Pedal


More than just a phase – why any guitarist would benefit from a Keeley Vintage Phaser

A phaser pedal is an essential tool for any guitar player who wants to add depth and texture to their sound. One of the main benefits of using a phaser pedal is the way it can enhance any guitar player’s performance. By adding depth and complexity to their sound, a phaser pedal can help a guitarist stand out from the crowd and create a more engaging and dynamic performance. Whether playing in a band or performing solo, a phaser can help add a new dimension to your playing, allowing you to explore new sonic territory and experiment with different sounds and techniques. The Keeley Vintage Phaser is a versatile and powerful tool that every guitar player should have in their arsenal.

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Keeley Electronics Vintage Phaser Custom Shop Effect Pedal

Each Custom Shop Vintage Phaser is assembled by hand at our shop in OKC, USA.

Demo Video:


Johnny Hiland




Keeley Electronics Vintage Phaser Custom Shop Effect Pedal Instructions