Keeley Phase 24

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Phasing with unique 2/4 stage selector

Rate and Blend for very subtle tones

Precision matched JFETs for perfect tone

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The Keeley Phase 24 is a gorgeously simple phaser delivering 2 and 4 stage phasing for those very classic sounds.  The Keeley Phase 24 offers shimmering and subtle watery tones for those wanting high fidelity and quality in a Keeley Engineered product.  Part of the magic in this style phaser is a result of carefully matching FETs so that you capture excellent rounding of the phase sounds and each stage works together in harmony to bring you a full lush tone.

A unique 2/4 stage selector gives you control over making this a classic 4 stage phaser or the less common 2 stage phaser for very subtle shimmer that you can use any time.  A Depth control gives you further control.  Think of it as a blend control allowing you to go from dry, no phasing to full depth, lush phasing.  How many times have you clicked on a phaser only to realize it sounds like a massive “effect” has been placed on your tone when you were just wanting little waves of ambiance or wave-like swirl?  The Keeley phaser is for players that like delicate nuances.


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Vintage Orange or Standard White/Green

Vintage Orange, Standard White/Green


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